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Torrent Sac In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

How to get Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Torrent Sac in MHR are materials that are categorized as special items. The can be used to hold abundant water, among other uses. Most of them are gained by carving certain monsters, looting, and completing quests. Naturally, are dropped by aquatic monster types. In our guide How to get Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), we tell you ways to farm and use Torrent Sac.

How to Get Torrent Sac in MHR


Completing your high-rank quests will help you get your hands on these Sacs.


Below mentioned are the monsters that drop Torrent Sac and the ways to get Sacs off of them.All of these are High-Rank monsters which would require you to be well prepared to face them and upgrade as much as possible.


Royal Ludroth Target x1 14%
Capture x2 16%
Tetranadon Target x1 24%
Capture x1 29%
Break Torso x1 70%
Carve Body x1 19%
Jyuratodus Target x1 16%


Uses of Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

This material can be used to craft and upgrade your gear and decorations.



From armor to armor sets and weapons, here is a list of all the types of equipment that use Torrent Sac.

Wishing Star I Weapon Craft ×2
Jyura Silt I Weapon Craft ×2
Edel Roots S Armor Craft ×2
Edel Vizor S Armor Craft ×1
Jyuratodus Greaves Armor Craft ×2
Ludroth Braces S Armor Craft ×2
Jelly Coil S Armor Craft ×2
Jelly Vest S Armor Craft ×2
Jyuratodus Helm Armor Craft ×1
Edel Folia S Armor Craft ×1
Edel Ribplate S Armor Craft ×1
Ludroth Helm S Armor Craft ×1
Tetranadon Braces S Armor Craft ×2
Tetranadon Greaves S Armor Craft ×2
Tetranadon Helm S Armor Craft ×2
Edel Creeper S Armor Craft ×2
Bubble Jewel 2 Decoration Craft ×2
Resistor Jewel 2 Decoration Craft ×2
Stream Jewel 1 Decoration Craft ×1
Kakaru Kumo Naki II Weapon Upgrade ×3
Almudron Axe II Weapon Upgrade ×3
Almudron Axe II Weapon Upgrade ×3
Almudron Hammer II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Bloom Royale Weapon Upgrade ×2
Croaker Weapon Upgrade ×3
Delex Cleaver Weapon Upgrade ×2
Frog Flute II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Guard Breaker Weapon Upgrade ×2
Leaping Glaive II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Ludroth Dousehammer Weapon Upgrade ×3
Ludroth Harpoon II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Ludroth Pair II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Mud Shot II Weapon Upgrade ×3
Reversal Shot II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Royal Torrent Weapon Upgrade ×3
Sand Blaster Gunlance Weapon Upgrade ×1
Shieldraad Weapon Upgrade ×3
Shovedown Blade II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Spiral Splash Weapon Upgrade ×2
Springnight Spawn Weapon Upgrade ×5
Sworn Rapiers II Weapon Upgrade ×2
Tetranadon Cutter Weapon Upgrade ×2
Limus Os II Weapon Upgrade ×3
Brush Glaive II Weapon Upgrade ×3
Jyura Duo I Weapon Upgrade ×1
Jyura Mudblade I Weapon Upgrade ×1



So that concludes our guide on how to get Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise and a list of items that use Torrent Sac. If you would like to know how to get Pearl Hide, check out our guide on How To Get Pearl Hide In Monster Hunter Rise.