How To Get Pearl Hide In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Find out how to get Pearl Hide in Monster Hunter Rise.

Pearl Hide is an important resource in Monster Hunter Rise. It is used in making various Armor items and Armor sets in the game. They are harvested off of monsters by carving them. MH Rise describes the Pearl Hide as “The hide of a Khezu. Its strange properties are still not fully understood”. In this guide, we explain how you can get the Pearl Hide in MHR and how to farm it.

How to farm and get Pearl Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Pearl Hide
Use the Pearly Hide of a Khezu to make armor items.
  • To get the Pearly Hide you will have to defeat the monster Khezu.
  • The Khezu is seen in the Lava Caverns and the Frost Islands.
  • It is a bewinged monster from the Flying Wyvern class.
  • They are usually found in dark corners and caves.
  • It is best to attack their wings first and then their head.
  • You can use Wiredash to knock it down and make it vulnerable.
  • There is a 37% chance it drops when you carve its body.
  • Pearl Hide has a 50% chance of being available as a Dropped Item.

How to Farm Pearl Hide in MH Rise

The best way to farm Pearl Hide in MHR is to select a quest that asks you to hunt a Khezu. Going on the Break Leg quest has a 100% chance of dropping a Pearl Hide. However, you can only do this once you reach the High Rank.

Items that are made with Pearl Hide in MHR


Khezu Shock Blade


  • Mizutsune Coil S
  • Khezu Greaves S
  • Shell-studded Vest S
  • Khezu Coil S
  • Shelled Sandals S
  • Khezu Helm S
  • Khezu Mail S

Armor Sets:

  • Khezu S Set
  • Mizutsune S Set
  • Shell-Studded S Set

This is everything you need to know about how to get Pearl Hide in Monster Hunter Rise. Do not miss out on other rare resources such as Thunderbugs and Firestones.