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How To Get And Farm Firestone In Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Find out more about this important resource in MH Rise.

Firestone is a pretty important resource used to upgrade weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. And no, we’re not talking about our favorite Kygo song with the same name. Although that too is pretty powerful on its own. Jokes apart the Firestone is pretty important while upgrading fire-based weapons in the game. MHR describes it as “Combusts even at room temperature. Its heat can be used to fuse materials”. It is pretty important in High-Rank. This guide will show you where to farm and get Firestone in MH Rise.

How to get Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise


Monster Hunter Rise Firestone
Find this important resource in the Lava Caverns map.
  • To find Firestone you will have to go to the Lava Caverns map.
  • You have to search for White Mining Outcrops.
  • You can find them right at the beginning of the camp in Sector 1.
  • They spawn regularly in Sectors 9 and 12.
  • The area between Sectors 9 and 12 spawn Firestones too.
  • Once you reach High-Rank they will spawn even more frequently making it easy to farm large amounts of Firestone.
  • Blue Outcrops have a lower probability of dropping Firestones.

In High-Rank, blue outcrops drop Firestones more frequently too. As Firestones are a high-rank resource and are used to craft High-Rank items, they drop very irregularly in Low-Rank. To make it even easier to farm Firestones equip the Geologist skill in MHR. Doing so will ensure that you get more Firestones. There is a chance there you will get up to 12 Firestones from one White Mining Outcrop.


Items that use Firestone


  • Aknosom Blade II
  • Aknosom Pike II
  • Barbaroi Blade I
  • Cawscythe I
  • Djinn I
  • Kamura Blade IV
  • Iron Bayonet I
  • Kamura Cleaver IV
  • Kamura Glaive IV
  • Keen Edge II
  • Kamura Sword IV
  • Lava Pick I



  • Aknosom Greaves S
  • Anjanath Vambraces
  • Basarios Helm
  • Bullfango Mask
  • Channeler’s Robe
  • Channeler’s Obi
  • Death Stench Brain
  • Ingot Mail
  • Kamura Head Scarf S
  • Medium’s Robe
  • Medium’s Obi
  • Rathalos Coil
  • Tigrex Mail
  • Uroktor Torso
  • Uroktor Torso S
  • Basarios Greaves S

Armor Sets:

  • Aknosom S Set
  • Anja Set
  • Basarios Set
  • Basarios S Set
  • Bullfango Set
  • Channeler Set
  • Death Stench Set
  • Ingot Set
  • Kamura S Set
  • Medium Set
  • Rathalos Set
  • Tigrex Set
  • Uroktor Scale
  • Uroktor S Set


This is everything you need to know about How to get Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise. While you are here learn how to get Wyvern Gems in MHR or find out where to find Dragonhusk Shard.