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Where to find Dragonhusk Shard’s in Monster Hunter Rise?

How to Unlock Bonepiles?

Dragon Husk Shard is essentially a bone shard from a dead dragon that emits majestic air. Monster Hunter Rise allows you to farm Dragon husk Shard to craft and upgrade weapons as well as to craft armor. Any player who holds weapons in the bone tree would need the dragon husk material for the bone three weapon upgrade. This guide will help you with Dragon Husk Shard’s location in MHR.

Where to Get Dragon Husk Shard in Monster Hunter Rise?


Monster Hunter Rise farm Dragon Shards Location

Rummaging through Bonpiles can get you the Dragon Husk shard in Monster Hunter Rise. All you have to do is simply filter out the material list to bone pile on your detailed maps. They are denoted with a grey question mark on the list. Now although bone piles start showing up relatively early in the game starting from Shrine Ruins location itself, you will not find them in all of the piles. The player will have to complete a couple of one-star key village quests followed by an urgent quest.

Finally, you can then unlock the second location: Frost Island. Upon entering and starting to clear a few two-star village quests, you will be met with bone piles that allow you to farm Dragon Husk Shard. Every level after unlocking the first location has a possibility of earning these shards.



The players also need to keep in mind that the shards are not dropped all the time either because there is always a bit of randomness involved. Below is a list of gear that requires you to farm Dragon Husk Shard in MHR:

  • Heat Lance I – 1
  • Hard Bone Lance – 1
  • Bone Kukri II – 1
  • Bone Hammer II – 1
  • Hunter’s Greaves  – 1
  • Khezu Coil – 1
  • Deathport Staff I – 2
  • Graceful Death I – 2
  • Bone Scythe II – 4
  • Qornu Waga I – 3
  • Bone Gunlance II – 2
  • Bone Strongarm II – 2
  • Infernal Axe I – 2
  • Wyvern Fang I – 2
  • Bone Axe II – 2
  • Jaeger I – 3
  • Serrated Jaw II – 3
  • Bone Slasher – 3
  • Ananta Blade II – 3
  • Ninja Parasol I – 4
  • Bone Hatchets II – 4
  • Bone Horn II – 4
  • Aelucanth Thorax – 2
  • Bone Staff II – 4


In conclusion, MHR can be a very resource-oriented game that is required by your hunter to maintain, upgrade and craft the gear. That will be all for our Dragon Husk Shard Location in MHR. There are resources like Sturdy Bone or Monster Broth that are not easy to find. Refer to the link to get more details and do check our Monster Hunter guide category for a list of amazing tips and tricks on this game.