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Modern Warfare Kali Sticks: How To Get This Weapon?

An exciting new melee weapon.

Fans are pretty excited about the Modern Warfare Season 4 primarily because of how much new content it has. Mainly, the new weapons such as the Fennec SMG aka Vector and the hidden Minigun have caught the attention of players. But there’s also another new weapon that has been added: the Kali Sticks. In this guide, we will cover the topic of how to unlock Modern Warfare Kali Sticks.

How To Get Modern Warfare Kali Sticks?

Unlike the Fennec SMG, where you need to reach a certain Tier of the Season 4 Battle Pass to unlock it, getting Modern Warfare Kali Sticks has a much different process.

To get this melee weapon, you have to have some patience. Players must get three kills using the Combat Knife while sliding in 15 different matches. The best way to get this done would be to play in the mode with the most number of players, which will increase your chances. Also make sure to use a Riot Shield to protect yourself. That’s it, you are all set. Now go ahead and begin your mission!

What are Kali Sticks?

Here’s a little fact for those who are curious about this weapon: The Kali Stick has origins in the Filipino stick-based martial arts where sturdy sticks are used for attacking and defending.

In Modern Warfare, too, Kali Sticks are great because of their quick attack speed which gives players increased agility. They are described as sturdy and lightweight in the game, enabling rapid attacks. To kill an enemy, you need two hits with Kali sticks but the fast movement will prove to be a huge advantage. It’s quite rare to see a melee weapon in this game so this really is something fresh for players.

So, if you want to unlock the Modern Warfare Kali sticks, then be ready to put in the effort. Soon enough, it will be worth the hard work. Once you unlock it, you can use it in Multiplayer as well as Warzone.