MLB The Show 21: How To Get A Hold

Here's how to get a hold stat in MLB The Show 21.

If you play MLB the Show 21, the hold is a stat that you should be aware of. Holds are a stat that is used to credit late-relief pitchers who aren’t closers. In the Diamond Dynasty game mode, you can be challenged to obtain a certain number of holds in order to complete a requirement for a card. So today let’s take a look at how to get a hold stat in MLB The Show 21.

What Is a Hold in MLB The Show 21?

A Hold in MLB The Show 21 is a stat used to measure a relief pitcher’s efficiency. It’s essentially the same as a save, except for relief pitchers. The main difference is that if you finish the game, you get a save, and if another pitcher joins the match after you, you get a hold.

MLB The Show 21 How To Get A Hold

How to Get a Hold in MLB The Show 21?

To get a hold in MLB The Show 21 a relief pitcher must approach the game in a saving situation and keep his team’s lead by recording at least one out for the next relief pitcher. For a pitcher to register a hold, one of two requirements must be met:

  1. He starts the game with a three-run lead and keeps it despite recording at least one out.
  2. He comes into the game with the winning run on deck. This must be either at the plate or on the bases and records an out.

If a relief pitcher enters the game with a three-run advantage or less and hands the ball over to the next pitcher with the lead intact, they are given a hold. If you had to, you could easily pound out a bunch of them by bringing in a relief pitcher for every out you get while still holding a one-to-three-run lead. Please bear in mind that if you’re losing, else the gap is more than three runs, or even if the pitcher sticks in and winds up with a save instead, you won’t get a hold.

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