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MLB The Show 21: How To Play Against Friends Online

Here's how to play online with friends in MLB The Show 21.

Total crossplay is supported in Major League Baseball (MLB) The Show 21. This enables you to play online games with friends on various platforms. This is especially helpful if a friend has an Xbox Game Pass and you want to play with a friend who owns a PlayStation. Though this functions a little differently than other crossplay-enabled titles, setting up a session is fairly simple. So here’s how to play MLB The Show 21 online with friends.

How to Play Online With Friends in MLB The Show 21?


To play MLB The Show 21 online with/against friends, you can select them from your friends’ list to start an Exhibition match. Or from the Diamond Dynasty menu, you can play against your friend. Also, make sure to enable crossplay to play with friends on different platforms.

MLB The Show 21 Play Online With Friends

Once you enabled cross-play in MLB The Show 21 (only needed if your friends are on another platform), go to the main menu. In the top left corner of the page, click on your profile image. Use R1/RB to go to the My Profile tab from the My Ballplayer tab. Click on the Friends icon on the left of your player profile pic. Clicking on this will bring your friend’s list who is online at the moment. Select who you want to play with, and start up an Exhibition game.


Diamond Dynasty also allows you to play against friends. It’s actually a lot easier to use than the Exhibition mode. Pick Play Vs Friends from the Online Modes menu in Diamond Dynasty. The outcome of a game played in this manner has no bearing on a fan’s Diamond Dynasty numbers, so there’s no reason to be concerned.

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