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How To Get Drafted In Road To The Show In MLB 21

Do you wish to change your team by getting drafted in the RTTS Mode in MLB The Show 21. Check it out right here

Getting traded in Road To The Show in MLB 21 will probably get you drafted to another team where you can increase your chances of shining bright and get drafted. You can even choose to draft yourself if you’re in desire of some change, that can only happen if you know how to do it.

How To Get Drafted In RTTS In MLB 21


The easiest way to get drafted in Road To The Show in MLB 21, is by getting yourself an agent and then asking to get drafted in the game. The agent will not guarantee but will help you to get contracts from other franchises. You can even demand a trade in to increase your chances of getting drafted to another team.

how to get drafted in mlb the show 21
To get drafted in RTTS mode in MLB The Show 21 you will need an agent

What you need to understand that at the start of your career, your team literally decides whether you get drafted or not, and as long as the contract runs, they’re in charge of your career.


If you’re being overshadowed by someone else and wish to move on, you can either wait for your contract to expire and then move on as a free agent or be patient and then hope for a trade in or some offer to come in.

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Until the point you can afford an agent for yourself, there’s not much that you can do with it. You will need to at times sit on the benches and watch the games from afar and though as sad as it is, it is part of the learning curve.


This is all there is to know about how to get drafted in RTTS in MBL 21, if you wish to know about how to link your cross platform accounts in MLB The Show 21, you can check it out right here on Gamer Tweak.