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Best Pitching Settings For MLB The Show 21

Find out which pitching settings are the best for MLB The Show 21.

You can play around with the Pitching Settings in MLB The Show 21. This will help add some variety to your pitching style. MLB The Show 21 also allows you to customize your pitches. All this has been done to make the game more user-friendly and approachable for players. This also makes the game quite intuitive to play along with the various pitching styles that have varying levels of complexity. In this guide, we will tell you about the best Pitching Settings for MLB The Show 21.

What are the best Pitching Settings for MLB The Show 21


Best Pitching Settings For MLB The Show 21
Changing the camera angle is one of the best steps you can undertake.

There are various in-game settings for you to play around with for pitching. Changing the Pitching Interface Settings and the Pitching View Settings are some mechanics that you should experiment with.

Pitching style


There are 4 different pitching styles in the game. Each has its own set of characteristics and quirks in the game. However, each of them serves a different purpose depending on the user.

  • Meter Pitching: This is kind of a throwback to old sports games where you have a power meter with a green zone for a good pitch. You really need to be quick in order to get this spot on and it is best to try out the other methods first.
  • Pulse Pitching: You can choose the pitch type and location after which you will see a pulsing circle in the pitch zone. If you time it right, you will pitch a good ball.
  • Classic Pitching: Probably the easiest method out of all. You just have to select the type of pitch and the location where you want it to land and then just let it rip. This is a very good style to follow if you’re a beginner and new to the game.
  • Pinpoint Pitching: This is new to MLB The Show 21 and is probably the best pitching method in the game. This gives you a new experience as you will pitch according to the pitcher’s actual style. This also allows you to experiment with various styles and once you get it right you are going to be on fire.

Pitching View


MLB The Show 21 allows you to change your camera angles and experiment with them a bit. This is a pretty nifty feature and can go a long way in improving your pitching skills. Strike Zone is our choice of camera angle for this purpose as it allows you to keep an eye on the baserunner who you can Pickoff.

Another handy tip is to keep the Pitch Trail Marker switched on. This will provide you with a good idea of the trajectory of the ball.

This is everything you need to know about the best Pitching Settings for MLB The Show 21. If you want more pitching tips you can have a look at how to add and remove pitches in The Show 21. If you want something unique find out how you can create your own unique stadium.