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Best Tips And Tricks For MLB The Show 21: A Beginner’s Guide

Find out some tips and tricks about MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 2021 has dropped and the excitement can’t be higher. San Diego Studios has once again given us the opportunity to dig into our pockets with this new installment in the MLB series. The game does retain some of its fabulous gameplay mechanics with some new features that just make it that bit better. However, if you’re new to this franchise or even looking for some easy gameplay tricks, scroll down and read below to get the complete Beginner’s Guide for MLB The Show 21.

Complete Beginner’s Guide for MLB The Show 21


MLB The Show 21: Beginner's Guide

For the purpose of this guide, we have split up our tips into two main categories, Gameplay and Overall. Read below to improve your overall gameplay experience.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks


Pitching Tips and Tricks:

Try to change up your pitches if you plan to become a pitcher. Experimenting with new types of pitches is pretty handy and the game also allows you to switch them up. You can remove and add new pitching styles in the game too making your pitching more effective and unpredictable.

Pinpoint Pitching is something that you should look at as it helps improve your instincts in the game and makes your pitch deadlier to deal with. It is handy to master this mechanic as it will make it easier to get outs called on batters.


Meter Pitching is another good beginner trick that is easier to than Pinpoint Pitching. It is much more straightforward and isn’t too complex.

While pitching it is also important that you keep an eye out for baserunners and time your throw to perfection to Pickoff a runner and get an easy out.

Batting Tips and Tricks:


Batting is much more straightforward, however, there are some tips to master this as well. Power shots shouldn’t always be your go-to choice. You can even experiment with well-positioned and grounded shots. While playing such shots it is better to use the ‘Circle’ button on PlayStation and ‘B’ button on XBOX for better contact so that the ball cuts between the defense.

Home Runs are all about timing and power. It’s favorable if you keep your Home Runs reserved for the more powerful hitters as they have a better chance of getting the ball over the wall.

Using the PIC while batting is also really useful. This is something that is customizable to your taste and has the capability to increase your batting abilities. As with pitching, timing is an important part of it all.

Bunting is another aspect of the game that you should have a look at once you are moderately well-versed with regular batting. A Bunt will allow you to steal a base too if you are smart enough.

Changing the camera angle to Strike Zone while batting will help you better track the ball movement. This obviously also depends on how comfortable you are with this view but in our opinion is something you should try out.

Again, practice makes perfect and you can try out new tricks there.

Overall Tips and Tricks


Do remember to open and Redeem whatever packs you get as you might have a chance to get some rare players. Some packs are specific for player drops and other attributes. Make sure to complete the necessary challenges to get these special packs.

Do not use your in-game currency to buy packs. You can use it on other items like players. However, if you do have an excess you can choose to spend it on Regular Packs as they have relatively good drops.

Complete Diamond Pack Collections. This is a good way to farm XP in the game as well as to get some rare, diamond packs in the game.

Player Cards

If you do get Top Diamond Cards do not sell them immediately if they don’t fit into your team. Hold on for a while before you choose to get rid of them. This will net you a higher price easily.


MLB The Show 21 regularly updates the player stats. So it is good to keep an eye out on updating your rosters so as to improve your overall team.

This is the complete Beginner’s Guide for MLB The Show 21. GamerTweak regularly covers articles so be sure to check out some of our other MLB The Show 21 guides.