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How To Hit More Home Runs In MLB The Show 21

Find out how to get Home Runs in MLB The Show 21.

If you have decided to play MLB The Show 21, you obviously know what Home Runs are. However, the problem that does arise is how to actually score them. This is easier said than done but with enough practice, you’ll soon be knocking the balls out of the park. Scroll down and read below about how to hit Home Runs in MLB The Show 21.


How To Hit & Get Home Runs In MLB The Show 21


To hit more Home Runs your best bet is to use the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) feature in the game. Using the PCI helps increase your chances of scoring a Homer. Follow these steps to score Home Runs using the PCI:

  • Use the Left Analog Stick to control the PCI.
  • Try to get it as close to the center of the inner circle as possible to get the maximum available contact patch.
  • You will also need to keep an eye on your Bat timings too.
  • Now, click ‘Square’ on PlayStation and ‘X’ on XBOX to hit a Power shot.
  • If you have a powerful player you will see that the PCI has a large upper dot.
  • Make sure you get the ball closer to that dot by moving the PCI around so that you get the most powerful shot.
  • Doing so will ensure a well-angled and powerful shot.
  • A bit of practice in the Bullpen will definitely help you to improve your batting style.
  • Once you time your shots correctly you will be able to hit those sweet Home Runs with much ease.

How to use PCI to score Home Runs

The PCI has a small inner circle that shows the contact of the Hitter. The closer you get the PCI to the inner circle the better chance you have for the ball to connect to the bat. The further away you are from this will lead to weak contact between the bat and ball. You will also see that in the case of larger dots on the top the batter will choose to go for powerful shots. However, if you decide to use the diamond dots the batter will play well-positioned and grounded shots. While playing such shots it is better to use the ‘Circle’ button on PlayStation and ‘B’ button on XBOX for better contact.


This is everything you need to know about how to hit Home Runs in MLB The Show 21. Now, while you are here, do not miss out on Redeeming Packs and learn another batting trick, The Bunt.