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MLB The Show 21: How To Bunt | Batting Guide

Find out how to bunt in MLB The Show 21.

The ‘Bunt’ is an integral part of MLB The Show 21 just like the real deal. It is an offensive strategy move that can help you to progress further up the bases and even allow baserunners to steal a base. However, get it wrong and you are under threat of getting a Pickoff on your runner or even a strike. It can become the difference in making or breaking your game and you need to be on your A-game for it. So scroll down below and learn how to Bunt in MLB The Show 21.

How to Bunt in MLB The Show 21


How to bunt in MLB The Show 21
You can use Bunt so that your baserunner can steal a base.
  • To Bunt the ball in MLB The Show 21, keep pressing ‘Triangle’ on PlayStation and ‘Y’ on XBOX.
  • Doing this will change the position of the batter and he will hold the bat further up the barrel.
  • Select the direction in which you want to bunt with the help of the right stick on both consoles.
  • The controller will vibrate which indicates the direction of your bunt has been set.
  • You can also perform a ‘Drag Bunt’ by tapping the ‘Triangle’ on PlayStation and ‘Y’ on XBOX as soon as the pitch comes in. This will make your player run to the first base immediately.
  • To pull out of a bunt, release the ‘Triangle’ on PlayStation and ‘Y’ on XBOX.
  • If you perform a Bunt successfully you even get an accolade for it.

There are some more things you should know before you decide to perform a bunt. If you do perform a bunt and the ball doesn’t hit your bat you get a strike. So, if you already are on 2 strikes it might be a good idea to not risk the game. However, if you see the ball is going out of the zone it is wise to pull out of the bunt and to take a ball. Also, if you bunt a ball foul you will get a strike. If you do decide to perform a ‘Drag Bunt’ make sure you do it with a fast player as they need to get to the first base quickly.


This is everything you need to know about how to Bunt in MLB The Show 21. Now that you know how to bunt, why not check out how to avail rewards by redeeming packs or learn how to get a new stadium in MLB The Show 21.