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Minecraft Dungeons Runes Location Guide – Where To Find Them All

Collect all the Runes to unveil a secret.

In Minecraft Dungeons there are hidden areas in all the main nine levels of the game. In these areas, you will find runes. When you collect all of these runes, you will be able to unlock a huge secret. In this Minecraft Dungeon Runes location guide, you will know hints on where to find them all.

Runes in Minecraft Dungeons – All Locations Guide


The first thing to do is complete the game, that is, beat the Arch-Illager. When the credits start to roll, you can begin your quest to get all of the Minecraft Dungeons runes. When you are in the Camp area, go towards the northwest part. You will discover a new jump pad. With it you can move ahead until you see a drawbridge until you reach a church. Now, go inside the church. Once inside, you will get one rune automatically.

In order to reap the benefits of Runes, you must collect the rest of the them and place them in the church as instructed. You can choose to do it one by one or all at the same time.

Also note that only getting the Rune is the mission this time, finishing the level is not necessary. Sometimes, you might find a Rune early on in a level so it will save time if you quit and go back to the camp.


Creeper Woods Rune location

When you do the task of freeing the villagers, go left and fight the enemies you encounter. You need to look for a flat structure with cobblestones. Open the crypt by pressing the button in the gravel. A door will open up, go inside, interact with the switch which will reveal a Rune. Collect it.

Minecraft Dungeons Rune in Pumpkin Pastures


In this level, you need to look for a stone path on top of a wall where some wooden crates are lying around. This area will be easy to spot in your map, so make sure to check that out. Now walk towards the crates and use the switch behind them. The path which seemingly led to nowhere, now gets a secret door. Enter it and get your Rune.

How to get Soggy Swamp Rune

After you beat the Corrupted Cauldron boss, go to the right and look for a pillar. Some red mushrooms will grace the bottom of this said pillar. Search for a button behind these mushrooms, press it and enter the door. This will take you to a Rune.


Redstone Mines Rune location

During the second villager freeing section, look at the extreme left side of the area, where the button to press is located between some redstones. This one is placed further ahead in the level, so be prepared to play quite a bit.

Fiery Forge Secret Rune Location

Play this level until you see a dead Redstone Golem on some steps. Go towards the left and use the switch that will unveil a doorway.

Where to find Cacti Canyon Rune

While playing through this level, you will come across a place where some keys are required. There will be a gate (in the bottom left area) where you must kill off some enemy hordes. After you beat them, walk to the palm tree and find a switch behind it. This will reveal the Rune location.

Desert Temple Rune location

In Desert Temple, you will come across a gold key task. Do it and note the area where the walls lower. There will be a secret level next to a palm tree. Interact with the switch to reveal the Rune in the Desert Temple level.

Highblock Halls Rune

This Rune is much further ahead in the level. What you need to do is keep playing until the Crash the Party section and reach a village. Keep going towards the right in the village and look for a stone wall with a switch. It will be placed below some red and yellow stained glass windows on top of stairs.

Obsidian Pinnacle Rune

Inside Obisidian Pinnacle, you need to defeat the Golem, the villagers and keep going till you reach a library. Interact with a book on the bookshelf to open up a room where the final Rune exists.

What do the Minecraft Dungeons Runes unlock?

Once the church has all the runes, the altar is going to open where you can enter. There, you will find a scroll with New Location on it. Plus, there will be some loot for you. You will then see a location on the map that looks like this ???. Therein lies the Easter egg that you worked so hard for. Go ahead and explore everything that lies ahead and enjoy.

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