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Best Way To Destroy The Corrupted Cauldron In Minecraft Dungeons

This ain't just a pot

Yep, a cauldron is one of the bosses in Minecraft Dungeons and it’s not just a stupid pot. It’s actually a big pot who is smart and evil. This Soggy Swamp boss will keep creating smaller enemies that will constantly attack you. In this Minecraft Dungeons boss fight guide, we will see how to destroy the Corrupted Cauldron.

How to Beat the Corrupted Cauldron


Here are some strategies you can use in your fight with the Corrupted Cauldron. Now, since the cauldron is static, you can easily unleash melee attacks on it. But beware, because once it creates its horde of purple blocks who jump outwards, things will get more frantic for you. These blocks will keep shooting projectiles towards you. If you get attacked by multiple minions like these, your health will suffer a lot.

It will also create enemies like zombies apart from those purple blocks. To know when they are about to appear, simply focus on the ground. When purple circles show up, that’s when those enemies will appear. If you kill those enemies near the cauldron, it will gobble up their bodies and regain some lost health. This works only with the enemies that it summons and not with the minions.

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What you can do to kill them off is use TNT or any other such area-based attack that can take them out at the same time. Use speed boosts, arrows and artifacts in this battle to give yourself an advantage.

If you happen to get a lot of hits on the Cauldron, it will create a wall of purple fire around itself, successfully keeping you away temporarily. Feeling brave? Then you can choose to keep attacking it during this time but it is not without some damage.

The best tactic in this fight is to keep lowering the number of the purple minions. Once the count is low enough, go all out on the Corrupted Cauldron. In case you end up feeling overwhelmed during the fight, just go to an elevated area where minions don’t seem to land on. This place is a good spot to catch a breath during this crazy battle.


So this is how you can destroy the Corrupted Cauldron. For more boss fight guides, tips and tactics, check out our Minecraft Dungeons guides right away.