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How To Defeat The Arch-Illager In Minecraft Dungeons

Take down the evil Arch-Illager

Ah, the Arch Illager. The one who gave us the reason to reach the end of the game – to beat him and put an end to his evil reign. He is the very reason why you set out on your adventure and now you’re here, ready to kill him. But, of course, it won’t be easy. In this guide, you will get some ideas and tactics to approach the Arch-Illager final boss in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Final Boss Guide: The Arch-Illager


A word of caution – this article will contain spoilers so read on only if you are okay with it. If you have tried to destroy him but couldn’t, continue reading to find out how you can beat the Arch-Illager. If you haven’t tried to beat him yet, give it a shot and then come back to read these tips. Ready? Here we go.

You will meet this antagonist in the Obsidian Pinnacle. Your main opponent, the Arch Illager has two forms in this fight. In the first phase of the battle, he will be comparatively easy to beat. He will shoot multiple projectiles or energy blasts at you. Dodge them by moving constantly and keep shooting arrows from a crossbow at him as well. Using enchanted melee weapons can also be effective to decrease his health. He might even teleport which can lead to some frustration while playing.

Plus, the Arch-Illager will summon Pillagers or mobs that you can shoot and kill off first. He can even summon the Redstone Golems so be prepared. Use the Totem of Shielding to protect yourself from any ranged attacks during combat.


How To Beat His Second Form

Now, the real battle begins when he transforms into his second form – the Heart of Ender due to the Orb of Dominance. The Heart of Ender will vomit out blocks of fire and shoot multiple laser beams that rotate. Yes, he causes utter mayhem as soon as he arrives. He will also leave a trail of dark fire behind him and if you walk into it, you will suffer massive damage.

There’s more – his heads will also multiply and shoot out a laser from each head. Within no time, the battlefield will be a bloodbath just because of the sheer speed and power of the Heart of Ender. During this phase, it’s best not to take him on with melee attacks because of the unpredictability of his movement.


Truth be told, it is very tough to avoid his area-based attacks. That’s primarily why he’s the final boss in Minecraft Dungeons – he’s just too powerful. But you can use certain tactics to dodge it like running in a circle to avoid the laser beams. Make the most of the launch pads available around you to shoot at the mobs and the main villain while being relatively safe for a while. Switch to ranged attacks when needed, especially if you are running low on HP. Use artifacts whenever you need and make sure to come into this fight with a powerful build.

All of this combined should be enough to beat the Arch-Illager in Minecraft Dungeons.