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Minecraft Dungeons Best Build Guide – What To Keep & What To Salvage?

Best combination of gears, enchantments and artefacts

A combination of armors, weapons, and enchantments is what is called as Minecraft Dungeons builds. The best build will make you unstoppable, no matter what type of enemy or boss stops your way. Here is a guide where picked the top builds of Minecraft Dungeons, go through the weapons, armors, enchantments suggestions. Keep them in your inventory and salvage the rest.

Minecraft Dungeons Build for Beginners

Best for overall survival these Minecraft Dungeons build is consist of collections of an easy to find armor, two weapons, and enchantments. This build will allow you to use artefacts more due to low cooldown effects and brings a balance of melee and ranged combat.

  • Armor – Hunters Armor
  • Weapon – Daggers
  • Ranged Weapon – Crossbow

Use a artefact with Hunters Armor to reduce cooldown time, use Poison Cloud with Daggers. This enchantment will create a poison cloud amplifying damage. For Crossbow use Ricochet. Along with a few more enchantments that will help are Totem of Regeneration. It creates a circle to heal players inside it, the second one is Fireworks arrow that creates an explosion after hitting. You can apply a few more different enchantment to improve the build quality, this one is decent enough for beginners for those who are looking for survival build in Minecraft Dungeons.

Build with Fire Power

This build focus on more Fire Damage, armor, weapons, and enchantment used are best for recovering health and for damaging enemies. The build has the same set of armor and weapons that above one has, the only difference is in the enchantments used.

  • Armor – Hunters Armor
  • Weapon – Daggers
  • Ranged Weapon – Crossbow

For armor use Burning enchantment, it creates a constant circle of flames around the players. It adds additional damage trying to attack you. Leeching on Dagger will retrieve health potion after killing an enemy and add Ricochet for Crossbow. Three enchantments are best for this build they are Totem of Regeneration, Firefox QUiver, and Burning Arrows.

Totem of Regeneration will take care of health and healing allies, the second one shoots fireworks that explode and cause very high damage to enemies. The last one lets you shoot burning arrows.

The build focus on Fire Attacks and with that health regeneration let stay on the ground. With a lot of fireworks, fire arrows and fire around your Hero enemies will constantly facing damage.

Below are more examples of some high damage build, fire damage builds, etc. You can get an idea of what to choose and what to salvage. Depending on your strategy to achieve a goal or complete objective you can pick the best possible combination of gears, weapon, and enchantments.

High Damage Build

  • Evocation Robe with protection and cooldown enchantment.
  • Gauntlets with Critical Hit or Weakening.
  • Crossbow with Bonus Fire and Fuse Bolt.
  • Artefacts – Fireworks Arrow and Death Cap Mushroom.

Soul Harvesting

  • Soul Robe with Potion Barrier and Health Synergy.
  • Soul Knife with Leeching and Echo.
  • Crossbow with Piercing and Multishot.
  • Artefacts – Soul Healer and Death Cap Mushroom.

There can be more different types of build combination with different weapons and armors. If you are looking for list of all armors in Minecraft Dungeon then click the link. For perks check our Minecraft Enchantments List to know more.