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Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons: Melee And Ranged (2023)

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Searching for Minecraft Dungeons best weapons? Then this guide is for you. In this list, we have collected our favorite best weapons to use in Minecraft Dungeons. These melee and rangedweapons will give you enough power to face the biggest enemies with confidence. Let’s take a look.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons List

You can get your hands on the normal weapons as you play the game, but for the unique ones, you have to beat the bosses. There’s also a chance that you might get these unique weapons from a chest or as drops from mobs (which is extremely rare). What’s special about these unique weapons, you ask? Well, these come with more features and abilities, so when you add enchantments to them, they only become more powerful. This is basically what differentiates them from their normal variants.

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Minecraft Dungeons Melee Weapons

Here are our best picks for melee attacks.



The Heartstealer is a unique claymore that will cut through mobs like it’s nobody’s business. It will leech health from mobs as you kill them, which gives this weapon an edge in combat. You can get this weapon in the secret cow level.

Dark Katana


The Dark Katana can unleash hell upon mobs, especially the undead ones like zombies and skeletons. This weapon will come very handy during your fight with The Nameless One. The Dark Katana is also unique and you can get it as a random drop from the Blacksmith.

Diamond Sword

diamond-sword-minecraft-dungeonsMinecraft players are already familiar with this iconic melee weapon. This rare weapon which deals extra damage is a random drop that you can possibly find in the Creepy Woods. It comes attached with a Sharpness enchantment making it deal even more damage with every hit. Overall, this sword can be deadly for your foes. For more details, check out our guide on how to get the Diamond Sword.

Minecraft Dungeons Ranged Weapons

Heavy Crossbow


The Heavy Crossbow is a dependable ranged weapon which can put your enemy’s safety into jeopardy. Its powerful shots will deal significant damage to those that dare to fight you.You might find this in Cacti Canyon and the Obsidian Pinnacle.

Hunter’s Promise

hunters-promiseThis weapon is strong on its own but it takes up the damage up a notch when it displays the power of regaining arrows. This ability turns out to be pretty useful when you are surrounded by mobs and run out of arrows.You might get this weapon as a loot in the Soggy Swamp level.

Guardian Bow

guardian-bow-miencraft-dungeonsWith strong charged attacks and super charged arrows, this ranged weapon is enough to make enemies weak. With powerful enchantments, the Guardian Bow becomes one of Minecraft Dungeons best weapons. You might get this in the Pumpkin Pastures.

So these were some of our recommendations of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. To know more about weapon enchantments, perks and more, check out our Minecraft Dungeons guides.