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Guide on How to Defeat the Nameless One in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Kill The Nameless

During the passage of the Desert Temple in Minecraft Dungeons, you will have to kill The Nameless One. This is the lord of the undead, worshiped by all skeletons and ghosts. In this article, we talk about how to kill The Nameless One.

Tactics on How to Kill the Nameless One in Minecraft Dungeons

The Nameless One uses three basic skills. He is able to summon skeletons which is the easiest one. Also, he throws fireballs, which are not so easy to avoid. And the last ability is that he creates his copies. In battle, first you need to take advantage of the moment when The Nameless One is in place and invites the retinue. At this moment, you need to come closer and give him a few hits. This is not only a good moment to attack him in his pain points, but also a nice moment to kill a summoned skeletons, which will be in a short distance from you.

After the retinue appears, run around the boss, but not too far. This will allow you to dodge shells, save yourself from skeletons and allow you to regenerate abilities. In addition, if you do everything right and pick the right distance, the skeletons will collide with The Nameless One and cause him additional damage.

Now let’s talk about the most difficult part, which causes a lot of troubles to newbies in Minecraft: Dungeons. It starts when the boss summons several of his copies, each of which throws a ball of fire at the same time. You should be ready that The Nameless One will teleport to you before this phase. When this happens, we recommend you to go to the corner of the map to try to avoid being hit. This is difficult, therefore, we recommend having a healing potion on hand.

After that, The Nameless One will return to the initial stage and begin to prepare the skeletons for a new attack. Note that this phase can be used to regenerate yourself.

By following these simple Minecraft: Dungeons tips, you can easily kill The Nameless One in Minecraft Dungeons. If you practice several times, you will not have any difficulties with it.