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Healing Guide: How to Heal in Minecraft Dungeons?

Time to heal up

Minecraft Dungeons has a host of dangerous enemies, including mobs and bosses, each with their own set of powers and abilities. Taking them down isn’t easy especially if you are playing solo. It gets tougher as you go ahead, so it’s best to know how to heal in Minecraft Dungeons. This guide will show you how to do it.

How Do I Heal in Minecraft Dungeons?


Here are some of the ways you can heal yourself and your allies in Minecraft Dungeons.

Use Healing Potions

The most common way to heal is to use healing potions which will ramp up your HP to the max. After you use the healing potion, note that it has a cooldown, so use it wisely. Are you wondering if you can get more health potions? Unfortunately, there is only one health potion available for the entire game but it does get more powerful as you progress in the game.


Use Artifacts to Heal in Minecraft Dungeons

Artifacts are quite important items in Minecraft Dungeons. The Totem of Regeneration and Soul Healer are two such artifacts that can heal you in the game. When the Totem of Regeneration is activated can heal any player inside a circle that appears around you. It affects a four block radius and has a fast cooldown as well. The Soul Healer needs you to collect souls which can be done by killing foes. This artifact will give you a complete boost, unlike the Totem of Regeneration which will do it over time.

Get Food


Food will increase your health bar by some amount so make sure to grab any food you get as drops from enemies. It’s an easy way to heal in Minecraft Dungeons so don’t forget to do it.

Healing Enchantments

Some enchantments, like the Leeching, Health Synergy and Explorer will give you a fixed amount of health as you play. There are also weapons that can leech HP from your opponents as you damage and kill them, so use them to your advantage whenever you can.


So this is how you can heal in Minecraft Dungeons. For more useful tips, check out our Minecraft Dungeons guides right away.