Minecraft Dungeons – How to Enchant and Upgrade Weapons and Gear?

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Minecraft Dungeons is Mojang’s foray into the world of isometric action RPG and it looks like they have nailed it. This dungeon crawler is sure to keep you hooked, especially if you are a fan of the Minecraft-style graphics and hack and slash games. Minecraft Dungeons functions just like an action RPG and has no mining or crafting. What you can do in this game, though, is upgrade your weapons. In this Minecraft Dungeons guide, we will show you how to enchant and upgrade your weapons, armor and other equipment.

Enchanting and Upgrading Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

When you complete quests, levels and defeat enemy mobs, you level up. With it, you also earn enchantment points. You can use these enchantment points in the inventory to upgrade your weapons and armor. Every equipment will have a set of randomized enchantments that you can choose from. You can keep an eye on the purple spiral icon because that’s how you will know how many enchantment points you have. With every level up, you gain one enchantment point.

How Do I Upgrade Weapons and Armor?

The only way to do it is by playing the game, earning experience, defeating a lot of enemies and completing quests. After you have done enough of this, a pop up will inform you that you have leveled up and have earned an enchantment point. To use your enchantment point, open up the inventory using the D-pad if you are on a console. Be sure to only open it when the coast is clear. If an enemy starts to attack you while you are checking your inventory, you will be informed of it, so you can go back to killing them.

Now, in your inventory, you can check out what you have and pick the item you want to upgrade. Take a good look at what each enchantment has to offer and once you have made your decision, spend the enchantment point for it. That’s it, this upgrade will be added to your equipment. Remember that you can also put the same enchantment on an equipment twice or have two items with the same enchantments for added bonus.

Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

There are three levels of enchantments (called upgrade tiers) wherein their effects get more and more powerful. Take the Looting enchantment for example. This increases the chance for enemy mobs to drop consumables. The three upgrade tiers in this case are a 100% increased chance, 200% increased chance and a 300% increased chance. Note that the more powerful enchantments are more expensive. The enchantment points that you have to spend for them are not easy to earn, so choose carefully because this will impact your game quite a bit.


To put all of this in simple words, enchantments basically upgrade items, thereby giving them special abilities. This mechanic has the potential to create a vast number of unique weapons and equipment, which is what makes this game so much fun. So this is all about enchanting and upgrading weapons and other equipment in Minecraft Dungeons. Want to know more tips for this game? Then check out our Beginner’s guide and Money Farming guides right away.