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Minecraft Dungeons Guide and Tips for Beginners

Minecraft Dungeons Tips for Beginners

Minecraft Dungeons gameplay looks like an isometric slasher with a top view. This is the main difference between the new game in the Minecraft universe. Instead of crafting and building, you will fight crowds of enemies and rob various dungeons. Gameplay in Dungeons can take place above and below the ground. Players can always replay already completed levels, which in turn are procedurally generated. In this guide, we will share our best Minecraft Dungeons tips.

Go Through the Levels Several Times


We will start our Minecraft Dungeons recommendations with levels. To get the best equipment and weapons, we recommend that you go through the same levels several times in the game. The world and the levels of Minecraft Dungeons are a mixture of an existing location, but with randomly generated opponents and rewards. Despite the fact that the concept of the level itself remains unchanged, the arrangement of chests and opponents will always be random.

Thus, replaying levels and fighting against stronger enemies, you will surely find better weapons and equipment. Each level has several difficulties to choose from. And the number of enemies will increase when you choose a higher level of complexity.

Collect Diamonds


In addition to the main drop which is weapons and equipment, you will also collect diamonds from the found chests at each level. You can spend them if you cooperate with one of two sellers in your camp. In exchange for diamonds, these two merchants can provide you with a random item, which can be a piece of equipment or artifact. Equipment includes items such as armor, bows, and other weapons. Artifacts are temporary items designed to strengthen the character himself or his equipment.

Use Different Weapons

This Minecraft Dungeons advice is especially effective during battles with strong enemies. And since there are no classes in the game, you can use absolutely everything to deal with them. Once you have a long-range bow at your disposal, do not hesitate to use it to injure strong opponents. But using only long-range weapons is also bad. It is essential to change the style of battle depending on the speed and strength of the enemy.


First, you can injure the enemy from afar, then finish off with melee weapons. But still, the most effective way to fight in Minecraft Dungeons at the moment is to hit and run back. If you find it difficult to cope with enemies, then it is best to use this particular method of battle. Take a few steps to the enemy, shoot from a bow or hit with a sword, and then just run away. Repeat the procedure until the enemy dies.

Use a Map

In addition to numerous battles with mobs, Minecraft Dungeons is a game where you need to explore everything. Each new level will be more difficult than the previous one. ANd it will have several branches and side tunnels. If you do not ignore the map and explore every corner of the investigated level, then most likely you will find a secret chest and find as many useful loots as possible. Of course, a dynamic map can be a little distracting or even annoying, but this is the only way to get around every corner and find all the secrets on the level.


Disassemble Items

If you find a weapon or armor that is better than the one that you already have, it is not necessary to throw out the old one. You can simply disassemble it. Thus, after this procedure, you will not only free up space in your inventory but also get a certain amount of diamonds. The higher the rarity and level of weapons and equipment, the more diamond you will get when disassembling it.