Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds Guide – How to Farm Money Fast

Money making guide

Emeralds are Minecraft Dungeon’s in-game currency that this used to purchase items from vendors. The green gem that falls after hitting enemies in Emerald, you will find it commonly in the game, and here are some tips on how to farm them fast. Money is important in Minecraft Dungeon’s as it will let you buy a lot of items later in the game. The total amount of Emerald you have is displayed on the top left of the screen in the form of a green gem icon.

How to farm Emerald in Minecraft Dungeons?

There are different ways to farm Minecraft Dungeons emeralds, all are listed below.

Defeating Mobs and Enemies

The most common way to farm emerald is to kill every enemy in your way and defeat the mobs. You will also encounter skeletons that can be killed by using a bow and arrow. After dying they will drop an emerald gem, do not forget to walk near to gem to collect it.

Look for Treasure Chest

Minecraft Dungeons Treasure Chest

Treasure chests are hidden items, they are the best place to farm emeralds. You will found them while on your way towards the main missions. Treasure Chest has a lot of money, to find check every room and every corner while exploring. Treasure chests are mostly placed in isolated spots. In the image above is the first Treasure chest, you will find it in mission A Cry for Heroes. While your way towards setting up a camp you will spot in the way. Placed it on a small mountain, to grab it roll because the character cannot jump. Go near the edge and just roll and you can cross the gab and unlock the chest.

Emerald Pots

Minecraft Dungeons Emerald Pots

In some isolated places you will find Emerald Pots, to identify them look for green light. Breaking will give you a lot of emeralds, another fastest way to farm money in Minecraft Dungeon. Here is a location of one of the pots, In Creeper Woods after freeing the second villager you will unlock mission Find the Caravan. Defeat a few zombies and enemies with bows and arrows, and look for a small lane on the right of the cage. You will find a Emerald Pot, break it to get some free cash.

Emerald Chest

After completing every quest when you are almost at the end search for a chest. Every complete level adds a chest with 50 Emeralds in the Camp. It can be anywhere do check every nook and corner to get some free money. You can also kill Chicken, Cows and Sheep to farm Emeralds. Sometime they drop consumables.

Salvage Equipment

You can also make a decent amount of money by salvaging unneeded equipment. As you progress to various levels you will unlock new weapons and items in the game. Breaking them down will give you Emeralds and you can do this for weapons and armors both. The stronger the gear is the more money you will earn. The choice here is difficult to break down a strong weapon, but you can always pick the less important one.

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