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Guide on How to Get Diamond Sword in Minecraft Dungeon

How to find Diamond Sword

Diamond Sword is in the Creeper Wood, you can find it while saving villagers in Minecraft Dungeons. The sword is a true mark of a hero and an accomplished adventurer. In this article, we talk about how to get Diamond Sword.

Trick to Find Diamond Sword in Minecraft Dungeon


Diamond Sword is located in Creeper Woods, the second location after completing Squad Coast. Saving villagers is the primary objective of this part of Minecraft Dungeons, while doing this you will find Diamond Sword an as random drop. Either by killing an enemy or by shooting down pigs. There is a trick you can use to find these weapons during the main missions.

The weapon appears between Level 3 to Level 5, after freeing that last villager to complete free 5 villagers objective continue with Find the Exit mission. A new gate unlocks, continue on the path and face the enemies. As soon as you reach Level 4 there will be more Purple drops. Cross the gate and defeat the horde of enemies one of them will drop a Diamond Sword.

Another location where you can find the sword is near the base camp in Creeper Woods. The camp is your safe house and towards it North-East you will have to deal with lots of spiders. Keep killing them and soon you will spot a pig with a chest on its back. Kill the animal and grab the Diamond Sword.


The weapon spawns randomly as soon as you cross Level 4, you can find a lot of purple pots dropped enemies. It is logical to keep exploring every nook and corner if you are unable to find one. Wear Wolf’s Armor if you are on Level 1, it will instantly unlock Level 3.

Diamond Sword Stats

Diamond Swords comes with 14-22 damage + Extra Damage. It is strong in terms of Power, average in Area, and low in Speed. A Level 6 weapon you can enhance using enchantments. Compared to a regular sword, Diamond Sword is a lot stronger offering you the power to take down stronger enemies in one hit. It may lack a good radius but a decent melee weapon for close-range combat.


By following the above Minecraft: Dungeons tricks you can easily find Diamond Sword in the game.