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How To Level Up Quickly in Minecraft Dungeons?

Stronger. Better. Faster.

Leveling up in Minecraft Dungeons gives you  enchantment points which can be very useful to upgrade your weapons, armor and gear. When you level up, your character as well as your equipment will be much more powerful than before. In this guide, we will tell you how to level up quickly in Minecraft Dungeons and become a character that’s hard to defeat!

Tips to Level Up Quickly in Minecraft Dungeons

In order to level up normally, all you have to do is play the game and earn experience. As you keep killing enemy hordes, you will progress even further and then at some point, you will have enough experience to level up. Some celebratory music and text on the screen will tell you that you have indeed leveled up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do a lot of different things to level up in Minecraft Dungeons, which is a welcome change. The simplicity is what makes this game stand out among all the complex processes other games have to offer in order to level up. Let’s take a look at what exactly you need to do if you want to level up quickly in Minecraft Dungeons.

Defeat Enemy Mobs

This sounds like a no-brainer but it does support your goal. When you manage to finish off entire enemy hordes, you will earn a lot of XP which will give you the boost you need to level up quickly. On your way, you will encounter hostile and bloodthirsty enemies with various strengths, powers and abilities so be prepared to take them down ruthlessly.

Spare No Enemies

Make sure to kill every enemy you see because each of them will grant you some XP. When the XP received from every enemy adds up, it can prove to be quite significant. Each enemy is out to get you and destroy you, so make sure you spare no one.

Take On The Bosses

Boss Battles, of course, provide a good amount of XP (and loot!) which will help you reach higher levels quickly. If you decide to fight them on higher difficulty, you will be rewarded even more.

Complete Objectives and Side Quests

As you keep playing, you will be given some objectives and side quests to complete. When you complete these, you will earn XP that you are looking for.

So, this is how to level up quickly in Minecraft Dungeons. Keep playing, keep grinding and earning more XP. Be sure to read other Minecraft Dungeons Guides as well to get the best experience out of the game.