Minecraft Dungeon Enchantments Guide – How To Get & What Are Enchantment Points

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In this Minecraft Dungeons guide learn about how to get enchantment points, and what are weapon enchantments. How do they work, how are they unlocked, and is it an important part of level up? Enchantments are an integral part of your weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. They will add some additional power that can help you in defeating stronger enemies in the game. So you cannot ignore this one important upgrades. Here you can learn how to earn enchantments points in Minecraft Dungeons and how to utilize them to unlock the right weapon upgrade.

What are Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons?

Enchantments are upgrades in Minecraft Dungeons. For example increase sword damage, health, etc. With Enchantment you can upgrade your Gears and Weapons to be better and stronger in the game. The first Enchantment will be unlocked after leveling up in Squid Coast when you survive the mob during the main mission Secure the Inner Gate mission of A Cry of Heroes chapter.

Defeating all the enemies will reward with your first Enchantment Point. This point will help you to upgrade your gears and weapons from the inventory section. The first point can be used to upgrade the Sword your only primary melee weapons. The base damage is 10-16 that can be enhanced with Sharpness Enchantment.

  • +10% Increased Damage
  • +21% Increased Damage
  • +33% Increased Damage

Each of these enchantments requires a point to unlock that you will earn while leveling up. Enchantments are upgrades in Minecraft Dungeons that will allow you to upgrade your weapons and gears in the game.

How to Farm Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeon?

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment Points Guide

Easiest way to earn Enchantment Points is by leveling up. This includes completing the story missions and progressing by defeating enemies and bosses in the game. There is a heart icon in the center bottom of the screen which shows how much effort is left to unlock the next enchantment point. Look below there is a purple bar, it shows your Level on the left and the amount left to unlock the next level. The hearing is your Life if it falls to 0 you die, so it indicates when to take a consumable to heal yourself.

Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Upgrades

This bar slowly refills as you kill enemies and once it reaches the max you will level up. You will earn an Enchantment Point that can later be used to unlock a new upgrade for the weapons. You can use three enchantment at one single weapon, separately for the primary weapon that is the sword and second weapon the bow and arrow.

Just visit your loadout section after earning an enchantment point and then use it to unlock new upgrades for your weapons. Each upgrade unlock cost additional points like 1 for the Level 1 items, 2 points for Level 2 and three for level three upgrades.

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