Meadowlands Farm In Stardew Valley 1.6 Explained

Been waiting for a different Farm map in Stardew Valley? Well, version 1.6 of the game grants your wish with the Meadowlands Farm, and here is everything you should know about it.

This game wouldn’t have been what it is without the various farms that it has. No matter what type of farmer you want to become it offers something for everyone, be it the Standard farm good for farming. The Riverland farm is better suited for fishing. Or even some other interesting ones like the Hill-top and Beach farms suitable for Mining and Foraging/Fishing respectively. The one thing it lacked was something suitable to raise livestock. But the Meadowlands Farm from the Stardew Valley 1.6 solves this problem as well. So here is a quick overview of the map and what you can do here.

Meadowlands Farm Map in Stardew Valley 1.6

The Meadowlands farm is suitable for raising Livestock animals, fishing, and farming, here are some of its basic features:

  • When you choose to start with this farm, Mayor Lewis gives you 15 pieces of Hay rather than 15 Parsnip seeds.
  • You also get:
    • 2x Chickens
    • 1x Coop
  • A new blue patch of chewable grass. Animals love eating it.
  • A few small ponds and a river stream that could be used for fishing.
  • While suitable for raising animals, this farm has ample space to also let you grow various crops.
  • Since there is a lot of grass available here, you can easily convert it to hay which can be used to feed your chickens, animals, etc.
  • On the southeastern side of this farm, you can also find the entrance to what looks like a cave.

What are the Disadvantages of Meadowlands Farm in SDV?

The biggest problem with this farm is it has less tillable space. As such, crops are harder to raise here. Another issue that you might face is water supply. You might want to set up a well or your farm near the ponds because not taking water sources into consideration might have you make a few trips to your nearest river or pond, rather than being able to water all your plants in one go. As such, this farm isn’t all that suited for crop farming, animal raising should be your primary focus while you could also grow crops on the side.

That is all for the Meadowlands farm in Stardew Valley. While you are here also check out our guides on how to get Moss, start the Desert Festival, the list of mods compatible with version 1.6, and how to uninstall SMAPI for 1.6.