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How To Get Max Health, Stamina And Battery In The Surge 2

Tips to Upgrade Core Module

Do you want to be unstoppable in The Surge 2? If your answer is yes then you will need max Health, max Stamina and max Battery in the Surge 2. This is powerup your Exo-Suit forever giving you enough strength to deal with strongest enemy in the game. The Surge 2 does not really have a skill system, but it as a Core Module where you can focus on these three important attributes of your character. Low health means you can die fast, low Stamina means you cannot combat or unleash combos frequently and low Battery means you cannot cut-down weapons from enemies bodies and perform finishers. All three character attributes in The Surge 2 are highly important and in this guide I will give you tips on how to get maximum health in The Surge 2 along with maximum Stamina and maximum Battery.

How To Get Max Health, Stamina and Battery


You will unlock the first Medbay in the prison region, exactly after defeating Nitro boss, you will wear your first Exo-suit in the game. This will unlock the Core Module, a section in the Gear menu of The Surge 2 where you can upgrade Health, Stamina, and Battery.

Tech Scraps Farming Tips:

To upgrade Health, Stamina, and Battery you will need to collect Tech Scrap. There are two ways of farming Tech Scraps in The Surge 2. First, by killing enemies, police Drones drops 10 Tech Scraps, Unarmed Prisoners drops 20 Tech Scraps and Armed ones drop 30 tech Scraps. Then there are bosses which will drop multiple items. Like Nitro will drop a keycard that will unlock the Medbay, and Warden Garcia Boss will drop a weapon and a drone.


But there are Tech Scraps everywhere, even when you interact with glowing objects or break containers you will get Piles of Metals that can be later used to get more Tech Scraps in the Core Module Sections. When you upgrade The Core Module will also unlock Tech Implants Slot, at the start you can use four. Next implant slot will unlock at Level 20. There are overall 12 Implant slots, four are unlocked at the beginning and you can get more with level up.

To upgrade Health, Stamina and Battery in The Surge 2 go to the Gear sections and access Core Module. Use the Tech Scraps to Level up the Core Module, this will unlock 2 Module Points. Every level up will grant you 2 Module points that you can use to upgrade Health, Stamina, and Battery. This is pretty straightforward and simple, at the start focus a lot on getting more Stamping + Health. That is because you will be facing a few tougher enemies like the Dual Axe Boss who will block your way towards Canal Back Alley, Focus a little on battery but when you have a decent Health and Stamina then do spend Module Points on Battery also because higher battery will make injection stronger what will restore health per injection shot.

  1. Max Health: Survive More Hits
  2. Max Stamina: Pefrom finishers, fast combat movement and evade attacks.
  3. Max Battery: Cut limbs of enemies to harvest weapons and raw materials for upgrades. Use it on injection implants, that makes the implant stronger and help you to restore health.


During the beginning, you will have 300 Health, 150 Stamina and 100% Battery Efficiency. You can increase 5 to 10% more into each item using Tech Scarps. Collect Metal Scrap also, you can Dissameble them in the Core Module to get more Tech Scraps. Invest in Health + Stamina first two-three times and then go with Battery. Follow this pattern to max out these two important character attributes first.

The Core Module also has Level, with each Level up you will also increase the level of the Core Module. This can be done instantly using the Tech Scraps so best scan every corner for a pile of metal and keep killing enemies to upgrade the Core Module. Focus on targetting the armored body parts to get schematics drops and materials for crafting.

  • Update: There is Implant Adrenal Harvester that grants Stamina after killing enemy.