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How To Kill Warden Garcia In The Surge 2 – Boss Fight

The second boss

You will face Warden Garcia after spotting the giant creature killing one of the soldiers. This is after you unlock the first Medbay in the JCPD Armory region after killing Nitro Boss. You will also unlock your first three weapons, a Spear, Sword, and Hammer which are indistinctly named into some tech model. It is important to unlock the Medbay and upgrade your self a little using the Module Point. You will earn Module Point by Leveling Up that requires Tech Scraps. Tech Scraps can be farmed by killing enemies. Before you reach Garcia you will be able to upgrade yourself at-least two times by having enough Tech Scraps and some weapons. So if you are ready to Warden Garcia in Surge 2 then let’s proceed with this boss fight guide.

How To Kill Warden Garcia


Warden Garcia is a fully armored boss not like Nitro, who does not wear a helmet. The key to defeating this boss is by performing a lot of defensive moves that is Evade instead of attacking him. He is quick to recover back after the attack and releases a different type of attacks in a short time. So Evade is the key to win here, Press A+L to Evade, refer the instructions on the screen for PC and PS4.

Whenever the boss is prepping for attack he will run towards you. He has a knife kind of weapon attached to his hand, he can swing left and right with high speed due to the weapon’s swiftness. Wait for his jump, when is down on the ground with a swipe hit, attack him with the Gauger because this weapon is fast and it does require you to go near to the boss. Best is to run backward and then press A+L to evade, he can also shoot explosives so be ready to dodge.

The best cover for you is the huge columns in the room, keep running around it, and whenever you had a chance to use the Gauger to hit his head. Keep an eye on your Stamina, if it is out you cannot dodge fast. The second most annoying thing is the Drone, who will appear in between to shoot you. Stay away from the laser sight at all cost.


Killing Warden Garcia boss in The Surge 2 will take time, so be patient. Attack and evade as fast as possible, his attacks are repetitive. You can understand that well in the start, try moving it around the pillars in the room so that you can evade left and right fast avoid the Drone and explosive attacks. The highest damage attack is when he swings his knife and bows down a little before taking a jump. If you are fast enough to use the Gauger you can eat his health fast.

I tried blocking these attacks but it failed, Warden Garcia is a pretty strong boss, so use the above strategy to kill him.

Warden Garcia Boss Drops


Surge 2 Kill Warden Garcia

After killing him you will acquire MG Jackknife Pro weapon along with a Drone. Your first ally in the game, you can deploy the drone using Y and use the same key to shoot a target. A pretty helpful gadget during fights. Drones require Omni-Cells, these are its ammunition that you can find by exploring the surrounding. There is a limitation of carrying Omni-cells at a single time so use the Drone only when it is necessary. On every visit of Medbay Omni-Cells will be refilled automatically.

MG Jackknife Pro comes with 82 Damage at the start, it has 95% attack speed and offers +100% Energy Gain. It consumes 110% Stamina