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How To Unlock Dual Axe Weapon In The Surge 2 – Bootleg Splitchleaver

Get the Double Duty

If you are bored playing with Hammer or Spear, then there is an amazing weapon you can unlock early in The Surge 2, A Double Duty Weapon. A double Axe that can be used with both and single hand. The weapon is dropped by a stronger enemy you will face after coming out of the prison building. As you progress after meeting the Stranger who gives you a schematic and unlocks the second Medbay, you will have to kill a few enemies to harvest raw materials to upgrade weapons and construct new gears. This is where you will unlock the double axe, keep reading for more details.

How To Unlock Dual Axe Weapon – Bootleg Splitchleaver


You will reach a bridge region soon after unlocking the second Medbay and meeting the stranger. There is an enemy with dual sword blocking your path, do not fight with him on the bridger. Pull him to a bigger area so that you can move around well because the axe is a lethal weapon and the enemy is going to use dual axes. The weapon offers a pretty high range of attacks and swift movement.

So pull it to an open area, probably to the place from where you start and then enter into the battle. You can use the Spear or the Hammer here, but it is necessary to use something that is quick. After three non-stop attacks the enemy will halt for a while, just keep hitting him and then evade a little far from is range.

You can use the Drone on him in a open area, deploy it by pressing Y on Xbox and shoot a few bullets to destroy the health.


What does the Dual-Axe Enemy drop?

The enemy will drop two things, first the weapon, Bootleg Splitchleaver and second a schematic of VULTR Arm Gear. There are six sets of this gear and if you can find all of them in The Surge 2 it removes the requirement of Battery for performing finishing sequences. If you can unlock all three Partial Bonus of this gear it will increase the amount of Tech Scarp you get after killing enemies. The first drop is an Arm Gear Schematic.

Bootleg Splitchleaver comes with 93 Damage at the start and offers 100% attack speed. It offers +45% Energy gain and consumes 145% of stamina.


How to use Bootleg Splitchleaver – Dual Axe Weapon

Press RB or RT to attack with single axe. This is one is slow and offers a powerful swing that can deliver high damage. But if you need a little bit more speed and want to use dual Axe then press RB or RT once again quickly to split the weapon into two.

Hope you will enjoy the double ax weapon more than other ones.