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How To Kill Nitro In The Surge 2

Its your first Boss

When you reach JCPD Armory after meeting Benjamin who is locked in a cell you will face the first Boss of the game, Nitro. An armored enemy who carries a heavy hammer type of weapon. Nitro is a strong boss because you don’t really have any gear neither the Exo-suite during the start of the Surge 2. If you are struggling to kill Nitro in the Surge 2, then read our guide to find easy tips to take him down.

How To Kill Nitro In Surge 2


First thing focus on the unarmed head, he is not wearing any helmet so it is the weakest point to the target. Nitro has 6 levels of the health bar and it will be draining slow. He carries a heavy hammer type weapon and his blows are strong enough to damage around 40% of your health in one single shot. So to kill him follow this simple strategy.

Let Nitro attack first, the hammer is heavy so it is going to block his movement. He will swing the weapon to attack you in the left and right direction. Wait for one swing and then hit the head by focusing on it. Evade fast, he will attack back soon. Do not try to attempt more than two blows at a time. The best is to run sideways towards Nitro’s left or right side because after the swing his head is completely exposed for the attack.

Nitro has only three types of attacks, a left swing, a right swing and a push from front. After this he will continue following you, trying to get near and swing the hammer. After swinging he will pause for a while, try to use the melee combat as fast as you can reaching near and hitting the head.


Remember evade fast, if you think of continuously attacking his head he hit you really hard. It might take around four to five tries and you can kill him. Kill Nitro will give you Officer Jhonson’s Keycard that will unlock the first Medbay of Surge 2.

Medbay is the place for upgrades, gears, and implants. The Medbay is on the left of the door from where Nitro entered, look for posters on the wall. Unlock Medbay and equip your first suite, this will help you to unlock jammed doors and you can free Benjamin from the cell.