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How To Get Stamina After Killing An Enemy – The Surge 2 Implant Guide

Killing an enemy will grant you Stamina

In The Surge 2, there is an implant that can grant you Stamina after killing an enemy and this makes the implant really important. Above all it is very easy to find, I am going to share the exact location of this implant which is available at Port Nixson so that when you visit this place you do not miss it. Implants in The Surge 2 will help you to get extra abilities and powers like more batter, more strength, blocking incoming attacks, etc. These are highly helpful when you are dealing with Bosses, one of the implants is Adrenal Harvester that grants stamina on killing the enemy. Let’s proceed with the guide to get the location of this implant.

Adrenal Harvester Implant Location – Grants Stamina on Killing Enemy


It will be a little tough to deal with bosses when you are had not enough leveled up through the Core Module. But there are some implants that can really help you to stay longer in the fight. Two major attributes of your character are Health and Stamina. Health determines how long you can stay in the battle after taking hits while Stamina is consumed on every movements and finisher attacks. Battery act as an additional source of power to cut down enemies or use an injection shot to restore health.

Considering Stamina as important in a fight when tougher armored enemies are stopping your way you will need a lot of stamina. One implant can help you, Adrenal Harvester. This implant is located is just at the entrance of Port Nixson, on the left, there is a rope to glide down. Look straight near the debris on the ground and collect the glowing object. This will reward you Adrenal Harvester Implant. Af this level when you are almost done with the JCPD region you would have unlocked an additional implant slot.

By default, you have four in the beginning and one unlocks after Level 20, you can apply the implant and use it to regain stamina in a fight.