Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Start New Game Plus Mode

This guide will show you how to start the new Game Plus mode on Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect Legendary Mode has a New Game Plus mode. The new Game Plus mode has been added to all three titles in the game as part of the Legendary Edition. However, there is a fair bit of confusion on how to unlock it. While there is no shortcut for the same, there is one way to enter the Game Plus mode in the trilogy. So let’s dive in and find out how to start the Game Plus Mode.

How to start Game Plus Mode in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How To Start New Game Plus Mode In Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Unlock the Game Plus mode by completing the story campaign.

To unlock the Game Plus mode in ME you will have to complete the story campaign mode. This stays constant for all the games in the trilogy series. You will have to go through each edition of the game and complete the storyline to unlock the Game Plus mode for each.

What the game plus mode does is allow you to retain all the items. This allows you to start the game with all your equipment and armor. So what this means is that you can go through the entire storyline again with all your upgraded gear. This will make your gameplay considerably easier as your Commander Shepard faces reapers again.

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What this also allows you to do is find out how the game changes with alternate decisions. You can also choose to go down the Renegade or Paragon path. With the new Character Scaling option, you can even unlock the Legendary mode.

This is everything you need to know about how to start the new Game Plus mode in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. While you are here have a look at our Mass Effect Wiki to learn more about the game.