How To Get New Armor In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Spruce up your character with new armor items.

Armor is a big part of your character in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It is important for your progress in the game. Combined with good weapons, it will make you unstoppable in Mass Effect. However, there are different methods to obtain it in the game with each title employing a different method. So let’s have a look into how to get new Armor items in the Legendary Edition Pack.

How to find new armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to Get New Armor
Get new armor from various traders around the map.

As mentioned, the method of getting new armor varies from game to game. Mass Effect 1 goes for a more traditional method of obtaining weapons and armor in the game. You can get them as drops as you complete various missions in the game. The armor can spawn randomly in any crates around the map. You can even purchase new armor from various vendors around the map allowing you to play around with your armor stats a bit. The C-Sec Requisition Officer is someone you can regularly check in with to look for new armor. As your Reputation and Spectre status increases you will get better weapons. In multiplayer mode, you can even equip armor for your teammates.

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In Mass Effect 2, just like with weapons, you will have to scour specific locations on the map to look for new armor items. All such armor has fixed locations on the map, making them easier to obtain. This will allow you to find higher-level armor faster as well as give you the ability to play around with your armor. Crafting and customizing armor according to your class will further boost your stats. You can even find upgrades for your armor in specific locations to make them better suited for combat. Also, there will be shops and vendors around but players might prefer the feasibility of finding armor in the wild. All this combined allows you to play around and make your own armor build.

Mass Effect 3 works in a similar fashion to Mass Effect 2 when it comes to armor items with just a few negligible changes.

Now you know everything there is to know about how to get new Armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. While you are here have a look at some of our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Guides to know more about this new game pack.