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How To Customize Your Character In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Create your own Commander Shepard character in Mass Effect.

Character Customization is an important feature in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. As a player, you can take over the reins and create your own custom character. The game also allows players to make their own iteration of Commander Shepard allowing the game to transcend boundaries. Legendary Edition has brought out the best of all the titles in the Mass Effect series with some beautiful visual upgrades. So, without waiting any further let’s find out how to create your own character in the Legendary Edition Pack.

How to create your own character in Mass Effect Legendary Edition


Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Character Customization Options
Customize your own Commander Shepard.

You can create and customize your own character using the Character Creation option. With the new Legendary Edition, you can also seamlessly transfer your character from one title to the other. This will allow you to transfer your customized character between games. Earlier on you could only transfer progress along the actual order of the game, for eg. 1, 2, and 3. However, if you saw something in Mass Effect 3, you couldn’t apply it in the first game.

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The Legendary Edition also brings in new customization options. You can now also choose between more skin tones, with warm and cool undertones, and improved hairstyles. This gives you a lot more customization options than before. The hairstyles are also much better now with better textures and less artificial glare as well as hair color options. Facial hair options also are more advanced now. The original female Commander Shepard will now be available as a default option from the very beginning of the game.

The developers have also released a short video talking about the community and its impact on the game.


Now you know everything there is to know about how to create your own character in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pack. While you are here have a look at some of our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Guides to know more about this new game pack.