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Dinkum: How To Make Money Fast & Get Rich

Here is how you can quickly make money in Dinkum.

While playing Dinkum you will get the need to earn money and become rich. And you will be surprised by the many different ways there are to get money in this game. But while there are a ton of things that you can do. Not all of those methods are equally profitable and worth spending your time on. So in this guide let us quickly check how to make money fast in Dinkum.

How to Make Money Fast in Dinkum

dinkum how to get rich

There are three main ways that can get you a ton of money, especially at the beginning of the game. But most of the ways come down to selling items in your inventory.

  • Selling Fish
    • Different fish sell for different prices and some of them can even sell for 1000 in-game money.
    • So let us say you catch 20 fish. You can easily sell them to get anywhere between 15000-20000 money.
    • Fishing is pretty easy and also quite relaxing.
    • Here is how to fish in this game.
      1. Find a fishing spot where you see multiple fish.
      2. Launch your line at the fish.
      3. Reel it towards you until you catch it.
        • I suggest you check our dedicated fishing guide for more tips on it. Here you can also learn about the fishing licence and how to get a fishing rod.
  • Capturing Animals
    • The second best way to get a lot of money quickly is by capturing animals.
    • After you get the Trapping license you can start capturing different animals and birds in the game.
      1. Craft a Simple Animal Trap or an Animal Trap.
      2. Place it near the animal or bird that you want to catch.
      3. Once you capture them, all you have to do is take the cage and drop it at the Animal Collection Point.
        • I suggest you check our guide on how to trap animals and birds. Here you can learn about the crafting recipes for the different traps and the best animals to catch in the game.
  • Selling Scrap
    • This is one of the tricky activities that can give you a ton of money.
      1. Start by getting a Metal Detecting Licence from Fletch. You can buy it for 2000 Permit Points.
      2. Next, go and buy the Metal Detector from John’s Goods. It costs 6000 in-game currency.
      3. Now all you have to do is equip the Metal Detector and use it on the ground.
      4. Move around while using it until you hear sounds. If there is something nearby you can see blue indications on the ground.
      5. Use your shovel to dig the ground.
      6. It will bring up a barrel, break it and collect the items from it.
      7. Do this for as long as you feel like then go and sell all the items.
      8. Depending on your luck and the items you find, you can get a lot or not so much money.

Lastly, even if you find that you can’t use all of the above tips. You can simply sell the things in your inventory that you don’t need to make a quick buck. Do this until you can use the above tips. You can eventually follow all of the above tips as you progress. And you will find it isn’t hard to earn money in this game.

That covers this guide on how you can quickly make money in Dinkum and get rich. If you need help on other topics of this game then check out our guides on how to farm, get chickens, upgrade your house, and craft.