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Dinkum Fishing Guide: How To Catch Fish

This is how you can fish in Dinkum.

Many Dinkum players are looking for a fishing guide. You might think it is easy, but there are still a few things that you should know about before starting. And once you learn about them you will be catching fish left and right. So in this guide let us check how to catch a fish in Dinkum.

Dinkum Fishing Guide – How to Catch a Fish

dinkum fishing guide and how to fish

In order to catch a fish, there are three things you need to do.

  1. First, find a fish in a river. Once you have your eye on some go to the spot.
  2. Next, you have to aim the rod towards the fish and launch the line towards the fish. The longer you hold the left mouse button before releasing the further the bobber will go. Try to get it as close to the fish that you want to catch as possible.
  3. Finally, once the fish takes the bait reel it in. Use your stamina conservatively and you can catch the fish in no time.

Here are some tips that will make fishing easier for you.

  • Launch the reel as for as possible. You can always reel it in to close the distance, so shooting it further will save time.
  • Wait for the first splash to start reeling in. You don’t want to start reeling the moment the fish makes contact with the line. Once you see a splash that your cue to reel.
  • Conserve your stamina. Don’t reel the fish while it is splashing or trying to get away. This will just drain your stamina. Let the fish make an effort to get away. Once you see it stop, start reeling in. This will save you a lot of your stamina. Do this back and forth until you catch the fish. Remember if you run out of stamina during this process you will lose the fish.
  • Practice. Don’t feel bad if you don’t catch some of your first few fish. Learning the mechanism of the mini-game explained in the above point can take time.

How to Get Fishing Equipment

The fishing equipment that you will need is a fishing rod. To get it you need two things, 1260 in-game currency and the Fishing Licence. Here is how to get them both:

  1. Talk to Fletch and select “I want to apply for a licence”.
  2. Next, get the Fishing Licence from her. In case you are not able to get it, then do more Milestones to unlock it.
  3. After getting the license go and talk to John.
  4. You can buy the fishing rod from him for 1260 in-game currency.

That covers this guide on how to fish in Dinkum. Since you are playing this game you might find our guides helpful on how to farm, trap animals, cook food, and get more deeds.