Dinkum: How To Trap Animals & Catch Birds

Here is how you can trap animals in Dinkum.

In Dinkum, you should learn how to trap Animals & Birds for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is to help the Animal Research Centre. But the biggest reason for it is to make money. Surprisingly, capturing and dropping animals can be a really good source for it. And the best part is the whole process is quite easy, and you shouldn’t have much problem with it. So in this guide let us check how to Trap animals & birds in Dinkum.

How to Trap Animals in Dinkum

dinkum trap animals
Image Credits: Gaming Tornedo on YouTube

To start trapping Animals & Birds in this game, you first need to get the Trapping Licence. You can buy it for 500 Permit Points. Once you get this license you will be able to craft different Animal Traps. These will be needed to actually capture animals or birds depending on the trap. Next, you need Animal Collection Point, this will allow you to send the trapped animal to the Animal Research Centre. The Centre will then reward you for your efforts in exchange for the in-game currency. Here is how you can get the license and start crafting the structures.

  1. Go and talk to Fletch.
  2. Next, choose “I want to apply for a licence”.
  3. She will then give you several license options to choose from. Scroll down and purchase the Trapping Licence.
  4. It costs 500 Permit Points.
  5. Once you get the license you will unlock two new crafting recipes and they are:
    • Animal Collection Point: Drop the animals you trap here to get rewards. To craft it you need:
      • Palm Wood Plank: 2
      • Hard Wood Plank: 2
      • Nails: 1
    • Simple Animal Trap: It allows you to trap and capture animals. To craft it you need:
      • Tin Bar: 1
      • Mangrove Stick: 8
      • Old Spring: 1
  6. After you have crafted both of the above structures. Place the Animal Collection Point near your house or base. It should make it easier for you to drop animals there, but you can also place it anywhere you like.
  7. Next, carry the Simple Animal Trap and look for the animal that you want to trap.
  8. Once you find the animal you want to capture, use it and it will set the trap.
  9. Wait for a while, so that the animal enters the trap. A tip here is to go away from the trap, this will let the animal move freely in the area. This can then lead to it getting trapped faster.
  10. After you find the animal in the cage, simply pick it up and go to the collection point.
  11. Drop the cage in the Animal Collection Point and you will see it fly away.
  12. Check your mailbox the next day and you should get a mail from the Animal Research Centre about receiving the animal. You will also get your reward in this same mail.

How to Capture Birds in Dinkum

dinkum trap birds
Image Credits: The Ginger Empire on YouTube

You can catch birds in this game by using an Animal Trap. The process is very similar to that of capturing animals.

To craft an Animal Trap you need:

  • Iron Bar: 1
  • Hard Wood Plank: 1
  • Old Spring: 2

Here is how you can capture birds:

  1. Start by getting a Trapping Licence.
  2. Next, craft an Animal Trap.
  3. Now, place it near the location where you find the birds that you want to capture.
  4. Unlike when trapping animals, it is better if you lure the birds more. So you should throw meat inside the Animal Trap.
  5. Once a bird is caught, take the cage and drop it at the Animal Collection Point.

What Animals To Trap?

When you start trapping, initially you can trap any animal of your choice for example a Jackaroo. But you should consider trapping larger animals like a Crocodile to get better rewards.

That covers this guide on how to Trap Animals & Birds in Dinkum, and get their capture rewards. Since you like playing this game you might find our other guide useful on how to get Opal.

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