Dinkum Farming Guide: How To Get Sprinkler & Farm

Here is how you can get sprinklers to farm in Dinkum.

Having a guide about farming for Dinkum can be more useful than you might give it credit for. There are several occupations that you can choose from in this game. And what better option to choose than to farm. It is easily one of the most relaxing tasks you can do in this game. So in this guide let us learn how to farm in Dinkum and get a sprinkler.

Dinkum Farming Guide

dinkum farming guide

To start farming in this game there are a few things that you should know about, namely:

  • Getting Farming Tools & Seeds
  • Farming Process
  • Getting a Sprinkler

Let us check them all:

How To Get Farming Tools & Seeds

In order to start farming, the tools you will need are a Hoe, a Watering Can, and a Shovel.

  1. Find the NPC Rayne and you can buy the Hoe and Watering Can from her.
  2. This will allow you to start your farm, as these two are the most essential tools for making your farm.
  3. Next, you can’t start farming without having Seeds.
  4. Luckily, Rayne is also the NPC that sells you seeds. The seeds she sells change daily so be sure to stock up on the ones you need when they are available.
  5. Alternatively, you can also cut down trees and bushes to get Seeds.
  6. Now finally, for a Shovel, you can buy it from John for 900 in-game money.
  7. It isn’t exactly a direct purchase, to get a shovel you also need to have the Excavation Licence. You can buy the Excavation Licence from Fletch for 500 Permit Points.
  8. But you can save the shovel for later as you won’t need it right away.

How to Farm in Dinkum

After you have the above tools here is how you can farm.

  1. Find an empty area or land that you can use for farming.
  2. Next, till the land using your hoe.
  3. Once the farm is tilled and ready, grab your seeds and plant them.
  4. Finally, use the watering can to water the seeds you just planted.
  5. You can refill your watering can at any river or from a well.
  6. Be sure to water your plants daily until the crop has grown completely.
  7. Once the crop has grown, harvest them to get the yield. Depending on the crop, you might have to use different tools to harvest it. The game also has some crops that you can harvest directly using your hands.

How to Get a Sprinkler in Dinkum

In order to make the process of farming less tedious, you can place sprinklers on your farm. You can get a Sprinkler in this game by crafting it, here is its recipe.

  • Sprinkler
    • Copper Bar: 5
    • Old Gear: 4
    • Old Spring: 4
    • Quartz Crystal: 4

But just having a sprinkler on your farm won’t work. They require a Water Tank to function. To craft it you need:

  • Water Tank
    • Hard Wood Plank: 15
    • Tin Sheet: 15
    • Iron Bar: 8
    • Old Contraption: 1
    • Nails: 8

A Sprinkler works by watering your crops once every morning. Its range is 1 tile.

That covers this farming guide for Dinkum and how to get a Sprinkler. If you need help on other topics of this game, check our guides on how to trap animals, build a quarry, and take photos.

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