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How To Get Chickens In Dinkum

Check out this guide to get a Chicken in Dinkum in few simple steps.

Dinkum is a co-op multiplayer farming and survival game where you reside on an island. Do all the activities related to farming and cattle for the game to progress. The game allows you to pet a variety of animals, including a chook. Chickens in this game are known as Chooks. This guide highlights steps using which you can get a chicken in Dinkum.

How to Get a Chicken in Dinkum

A chicken is an animal that you’d get at the very beginning. Follow the steps given below to obtain a chicken:

How to get a Chicken in Dinkum
Image Source – Gaming Tornedo (Youtube)
  • Buy a Handling License from Fletch for 250 PP.
  • Build a bird coop because the chickens need a place to stay.
  • Now, build a feeder close to the bird coop because the chicken needs to be fed.
  • Surround the bird coop and the feeder with fences so that the chickens don’t run away.
  • Go to the visitors’ site to meet Irwin.
  • Buy baby chickens from him for 5000 Dinks.
  • Take them to your bird coop and place them there.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Feed the chickens at regular intervals.
  • Chickens grow well when fed from time to time and petted properly.
  • Petting the chickens increases friendship levels.
  • Good care for them results in more benefits.
  • Chickens lay eggs when they grow up.
  • For energy restoration, eggs are a good choice.
  • Eggs can also be sold at John’s shop to get some Dinks against it.
  • Other animals could kill chickens if they roam outside the fence.
  • Chickens become meat when they die.
  • The meat can be used to consume and regain energy.
  • Cooked meats can be sold to get some Dinks.
  • There are Chicken Whistle emotes in Dinkum that recalls the chickens.

That’s all you should know about chickens in Dinkum. If you liked this guide, then check out our other article that covers everything about animals in Dinkum.