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Dinkum Animals Guide – Taming, Hunting, Trapping & More

Check out this guide to know everything related to animals in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a life-sim farming game that involves every activity that happens on a farm including animal husbandry. Taming animals is possible in this game as you level up and acquire required licenses and permits. This article is a complete guide for animals in Dinkum that features tips on how to pet, hunt and trap them.

Dinkum Animals Guide

How to tame or pet animals in Dinkum
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There are few NPCs in the game for different activities. They appear at the visitor’s site randomly on any day. These NPCs are vendors from whom you can purchase items. Irwin is the NPC who will guide you with activities related to animals in Dinkum. You have to become good friends with Irwin by fulfilling his requests.

How to Take Care of Animals in Dinkum

There are different types of animals in the game that be can tamed. Proper care of these animals results in more benefits. The animals require their own shelter and should be fed from time to time. The animals that can be petted in the game are:


Chickens in Dinkum are called Chooks. They are the very first animals in the game that you can purchase from Irwin for 5000 Dinks. The Chooks require a bird coop to live in and a feeder to eat. You need a handling license to build these two. Fencing should surround the bird coop to keep the chickens safe. The Chooks lay eggs that can be used for cooking or selling.


Vomabts are cow-like creatures that are available to purchase once you have a level 2 Handling License. They are younger when purchased, once they fully grow up with good care and petting, they start to give milk. Purchase a milk bucket from Irwin’s barn to collect milk from Vombat at regular intervals. Vombats require an animal stall to rest and a feeder to eat food. The food can be purchased from Irwin or found in the Grain Mill.


A Pleep is a hybrid of sheep and platypus to acquire which you need a level 3 Handling License. They produce wools that can be obtained while carrying a shear (can be purchased from Irwin’s barn) and standing close to it. Wools produce clothes and open to be sold at John’s shop.

Hunting & Trapping of Animals in Dinkum

How to Trap Animals in Dinkum
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Some of the animals present on the islands are not so friendly. They are a possible threat to your animals as they wander around and kill animals. It is possible to collect and cook meat once animals have been killed or sell meat once it has been processed. You can hunt down these animals using weapons like Hammer, Spear, or Bat. You need to acquire a Hunting License to unlock these weapons. For trapping the animals, a Trapping License is required. You can use this to set up cages on the island to capture them. Sell the trapped animals at the animal collection point to get some Dinks against it.

List of Animals for Hunting & Trapping

Diggo (Dog)

Petting Diggos is possible with a collar. They won’t attack you but your animals.


It is a hybrid of a Kangaroo and a deer that becomes aggressive only if attacked first.

Croco (Crocodile)

When we come into contact with this animal, it attacks. Mostly found near water bodies.


Bat flies across the sky near the mines and attack when we are close to them.

Glowing Croco

It is another variant of Croco near the mines. They attack with a poison mist that affects the victim for a certain period.

Mu and Wary Mu

These creatures look like a hybrid of Duck and Emu. Mus are less aggressive in comparison to Wary Mus.

Bush Devil

This animal spends most of its time sleeping in the desert. They wake up when we get closer to them. They spit fireballs that can be nullified after jumping in the water.


Jellyfishes are found in the water bodies and they attack with poison when in contact.


Sharks are also found in water bodies. They bite with their big and scary teeth when close.

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