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Dinkum: How To Make & Use Fertilizer

Here is how you can use a Compost Bin to make fertilizer in Dinkum.

Since Dinkum is a game that is very close to a farming simulator along with other elements, you will often find yourself with the need to use a Fertilizer. Fertilizers in this game are used to make your plants grow faster. The faster your crops grow the quicker you can get their yield. So in this guide let us check how to make Fertilizer in Dinkum and also learn how to get a Compost Bin.

How to Make Fertilizer in Dinkum

dinkum get compost bin and make fertilizer
Image Credits: Gaming Tornedo on YouTube

You can make Fertilizer in this game by adding waste like Roo Poo, Shells, etc. in a Compost Bin. The compost bin converts it into a bag of fertilizer the next day. This is the process for it:

  1. Start by crafting a Compost Bin. For it, you will need:
    • Compost Bin
      • Hard Wood Plank: 8
      • Copper Bar: 3
      • Tin Sheet: 1
      • Nails: 15
  2. Place a Compost Bin in a location you like and feel is accessible.
  3. Next, add roo poo into your inventory. You can collect it directly from your animal pen or take it from your storage if you have previously stored it.
  4. Equip the Roo Poo and approach the Compost Bin.
  5. Left click on your mouse to insert it into the Compost Bin. You will need at least 4 Roo Poo to make one bag of Fertilizer.
  6. You will see the Bin’s lid shut down.
  7. In case you want more fertilizer, you can craft multiple compost bins to use more of it.
  8. Wait for the next day, as mentioned previously, it takes one whole day for the Compost Bin to make Fertilizer.
  9. You can find a bag of Fertilizer outside the Compost Bin. Right-click on your mouse to collect it.
  10. That is how you can make fertilizer in Dinkum.

You are not restricted to just Roo Poo to make fertilizer in this game. Here are all the things you can add to a Compost Bin:

  • Shells: 25
  • Bones: 8
  • Vombat Poo: 2
  • Roo Poo: 4

How to Use a Fertilizer

You use a fertilizer in this game before planting the seeds. The process is exactly the same as the one in our farming guide, but with one additional step.

  1. Till the land with the help of a hoe.
  2. Now, instead of using seeds, first use the fertilizer on each tile.
  3. Next, plant the seeds and water them.

That covers this guide on how to make fertilizer in Dinkum, use it & craft a compost bin. If you play this game regularly, then you might find these guides handy on how to move farm animals, get amber chunks, unlock the commercial license, and get a grain milling machine.