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Dinkum: How To Get A Grain Mill

Here is how you can craft a Grain Milling Machine in Dinkum.

While farming in Dinkum you will find yourself the need to get a Grain Mill. It is quite an essential machine that you can use to get several resources. A Grain Mill basically takes raw materials like corn and wheat and processes them to give resources like animal food and flour. These were just two example uses of it, but you can use it similarly for other raw materials as well. So without further ado let us quickly check how to get a Grain Milling Machine in Dinkum & the recipe to craft it.

How to Get a Grain Mill in Dinkum

dinkum how to get a grain milling machine
Image Credits: Gaming Tornedo on YouTube

You can get a Grain Milling Machine in Dinkum by crafting it after you have the Farming Licence. The process in itself is more or less simple. Here is how to get it:

  1. Talk to Fletch and get the Farming Licence. It will cost you 250 Permit Points.
  2. With it, you will get the crafting recipes for the scythe and Grain Mill. You can also start buying farming equipment & seeds.
  3. The recipe for Grain Mill is as follows:
    • Grain Milling Machine
      • Gum Wood Plank: 4. You can get it by chopping gumwood trees, and then processing the logs on the sawmill.
      • Old Gear: 4. Look for metal barrels on the island and open by destroying them. If you have the metal detector then dig them up.
      • Copper Bar: 2. Find and smelt copper ores for it.
      • Old Wheel: 1. Again, look for metal barrels.
  4. Go to the crafting table with the above resources and craft it.
  5. After you are done you will get the Grain Mill.

How to Use a Grain Mill

A Grain Milling machine is typically used to get the different resources that you might need for farming. Be it animal food or ingredients like sugar or flour, you can use it to make them. This is how you can use it:

  1. Add the raw material of the Grain Mill to your inventory.
  2. Hold the raw material and walk up to the Grain Mill.
  3. Insert the raw materials into the machine and wait for it to process them.
  4. Once done you will get the resource you need.

These are the raw materials that can be used in a Grain Mill.

  • 1 Cob of Corn: 10 Bags of Animal Feed
  • 1 Stalk of Sugarcane: 1 Bag of Sugar
  • 4 Pieces of Wheat: 1 Bag of Flour

That covers this guide on how to get a Grain Mill in Dinkum & how to use the milling machine. Since you are into this game you should find our guides helpful on how to get a commerce licence, iron ore, stone grinder, and gacha machine.