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How To Get A Stone Grinder In Dinkum

Guide on how to get a stone grinder in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a fun new Animal Crossing-esque game that players get to relax with. This game has players going out into the wild, capturing insects, raising farm animals, and more. A valuable item in the game is the Stone Grinder. Since there is a lot of mining that you will need to do, a stone grinder can be used to extract ores from boulders and other big rocks in the game. You can even turn unwanted rocks into cement. This is a valuable resource that you will need to build residences for your visitors. Here is how you can get a stone grinder in Dinkum.

How to Get a Stone Grinder in Dinkum and What are The Uses

How To Get A Stone Grinder In Dinkum

You can get a stone grinder from John’s Goods. To do this, you will need to convince John to set up a permanent shop. You can do this by first completing the “Convince John to Stay” quest.

Once you finish this, you will get your second resident and a very valuable shop in the game. Now that you have the shop, you can buy tons of tools and equipment in the game. But for a lot of the tools, you’re going to need a license to get the same. These can be bought from your first resident, Fletch.

For this guide, you will need to get a mining license that costs 250 Permit Points. You can now buy a pickaxe for 1200 Dinks to start your mining journey. Don’t forget to get your stone grinder that costs 10,000 Dinks as well so that you don’t have to make a second trip to the store.

Keep your stone grinder in an open space around your house. Now, you can go and mine the rocks around the area to bring them to the stone grinder. Place the rocks in the grinder to get what you want.

This is your guide on how to get your own stone grinder in Dinkum. If you liked this guide then check out this one on how to easily get tin sheet in Dinkum.