How To Defeat The Priestess In Loop Hero

Find out how to defeat the Priestess in Loop Hero

Loop Hero brings an all-new gameplay experience to the board. The game has completely different mechanics that help set it apart. Talking about different mechanics, the combat system in the game is pretty unique. The game itself takes the reins of fighting. All this makes for a really interesting boss fight matchup in the game. One such Boss is the Priestess. In this complete Boss Guide, we tell you How to Defeat the Priestess in Loop Hero.

Priestess Boss Guide: How to Defeat the Second Boss in Loop Hero

How to Defeat Priestess in Loop Hero
Learn how to defeat this Boss.

Defeating the Priestess is no straightforward task in the game. You have to go through various processes before you can actually fight her. Below we have listed some Tips and Tricks that you can use.

Selecting a Class

Another unique aspect of the game is the Class System in the game. There are various classes in the game that help you in the game with each having its own sets of perks and benefits. While you can choose to complete this fight with either the Rogue or Warrior Class, doing so will mean that you have to go prepared with a good amount of resources. Therefore, the best class to opt for is the Necromancer class as it offers players the chance to take their own army in the form of Skeletons in the fight.

What Traits to use in the fight

Field Practice, Unseen Care, and Horde are some traits that you should take into this fight with you. These traits grant you a temporary boost that helps you fare better in the fight. Laying Down One’s Life is another trait that you should have equipped too.

What Tiles to use

Now if you have played the game you know how important it can be to place certain tiles in a certain manner. And since this is one of the only gameplay features you have control over you can use it to your advantage in the game. You can choose a Mountain Tile to increase your defensive and health stats. Creating a Blood Path allows for the chance to get exclusive supplies as well. Blooming Meadows help to boost health stats substantially.

Beat the Priestess

Once you go through the Loop a certain number of times the Priestess will appear. You should opt to fight her immediately or the next time she appears she will have a higher level. The Priestess has two special attacks that you should beware of. One is the Wrath of Heavens where she will bring 2 angels to fight for a finite number of attacks. The second is Iconostasis in which she will use mirrors to deflect the damage that you inflict.

This is the complete Boss Guide about How to Defeat the Priestess in Loop Hero. Do not miss out on learning about Physical and Magical Defence as well as some Cheats and Secrets in the game.