How To Level Up Lockpicking In Starfield (Security Skill)

Here's how you can easily Level up your Lockpicking Skill in Starfield.

In Starfield, you get to do lock picking after unlocking the Security Skill. It is a part of the Tech Skill Tree and can be upgraded to rank 4 for maximum results. For that, you must pick a certain number of locks that are difficult to come by. But in this guide, we will tell you the best ways to level up your Security Lockpicking Skill in Starfield. That said, take a look below to get started.

How to Upgrade Lockpicking in Starfield

While hacking a door or safe, you will come across a message that reveals the difficulty of the lock. There are Novice, Advanced, Expert, and Master level locks. To be able to hack difficult locks, you must level up your Security (Lockpicking) skill. Novice locks can be unlocked pretty easily but for the Advanced, Expert, and Master locks, you must do the following tasks:

Security Skill Rank Challenge Benefits
1 Invest 1 Skill Point in Tech > Security Skill  You can attempt to hack Advanced locks, and 2 auto attempts can be banked.
2 Pick 5 Locks You can attempt to hack Expert locks, and 3 auto attempts can be banked. Rings now turn blue when the pick can be slotted.
3 Pick 15 Locks You can attempt to hack Master-level locks, and 4 auto attempts can be banked.
4 Pick 30 Locks Expend a digipick to eliminate keys that aren’t required to solve the puzzle. 5 auto attempts can be banked.

Now that you know how to upgrade your Lockpicking in Starfield, here’s the most efficient way to do so.

Fastest Way to Level up Security Lockpicking Skill

How to Level up Security Lockpicking Skill
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The best way to rank up your Lockpicking skill is by visiting a place with the most number of locks. Speaking of it, you should visit Galbank on different Settled Systems for this job. This corporate infrastructure offers you plenty of locks that can be hacked. You can go to the Galbank in Akila City on Akila Planet (Cheyenne System) to find plenty of locks in its Vault. Similarly, you can also lockpick Galbank ATMs available in the New Atlantis City on Planet Jemison (Alpha Centauri System). Each ATM booth will offer you 4 Advanced level locks to hack. So each time you come across one, just make sure to hack it. So far, these 2 are the best places to level up your Lockpicking Skill in Starfield.

Aside from this, a Reddit user suggests that you can unlock almost 30 doors in one place after Joining the Crimson Fleet Faction. This event will take place during your first mission after introduction to the faction. You will be in an abandoned prison on an icy Planet. While we haven’t tried it personally yet, you are free to check this location out.

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These are all some of the best ways to level up your Lockpicking (Security Skill) in Starfield. There are plenty of skills besides Security for you to unlock. But what’s the best of them all? You can check out our Best Skills Tier List to know about that. For more such informative guides, be sure to take a look at our Starfield Wiki right here at Gamer Tweak.

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