Legendary Gator Red Dead Online Locations: Sun, Teca Gators

Are you wondering where to find the Legendary Gators in RDR2 Online? How to find the Sun Gator and Teca Gator easily? Get your answers here.

The Legendary Gator in Red Dead Online is a new addition and it includes the Legendary Animals: Sun Gator and Teca Gator. There are certain locations where you can find these Gators and if you don’t know where to look, don’t worry. This guide will show you the Sun and Teca Gator locations in Red Dead Online.

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Here’s a bit more detail about how to find the Sun Gator and Teco Gator in Red Dead Online.

Legendary Sun Gator Location

The Sun Gator in RDR 2 Online has dark orange skin and is easy to spot due to that. The weather condition is that it should be foggy, especially during the morning. Look for it in the Lannahechee River. You can skin it or simply sedate it and collect a sample from it (Naturalist role). By doing either of those things, you will get extra bonuses until August 10th. Players who take down this Legendary Gator will also get a special colorway of the Helsby Gloves.

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Legendary Teca Gator Location in Red Dead Online

The Teca Gator in Red Dead Online can be found near the Kamassa River and make sure to check in and around the swampy area of Lagras. The Teca Gator is black in color and can be spotted when it’s raining and (mostly) at night. Even stormy weather can make it spawn sometimes. Unfortunately, these conditions also make it tough to spot. Same as the Sun Gator, you can skin or take a sample from it for 50% XP. Players will also get a special colorway of the O’Quinn Hat.

And finally, from both of these Legendary Gators in Red Dead Online, Gus will craft something for you – a Sun Coat and a Teca Coat respectively.

That’s everything you need to know about the Legendary Gator in Red Dead Online. We have covered more useful information and posted location guides like how to find Timber Wolves, how to find Legendary Elk, Legendary Beaver Zizi and Legendary Cougar. Plus, read our guide on how to level up Naturalist fast. Don’t miss out on these tips and get all the rewards!

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