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Red Dead Online Elephant Rifle: How To Get It Easily?

Looking for the Elephant Gun that can come handy to hunt Legendary animals? Here's where to find it in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online has received a big update with the Naturalist role and legendary animals like the Beaver Zizi and more. To handle such animals, you need the Elephant Gun or more specifically, the Elephant Rifle in Red Dead Online. Want to know how to get this weapon? Read all about it in this guide.

How To Unlock Elephant Gun in Red Dead Online?


This weapon can unleash some heavy damage and has been called a cannon (rightly so). Its power leaves other guns behind but it has a two round capacity only. You can also have up to 18 Nitro Express rounds in reserve, so that’s another thing that stops it from being too powerful. Apart from this, its range is low, its rate of fire is quite slow and the recoil is high. Unfortunately, this proves to be a bad gun for long range and shooting while crouched. But despite all of this, its undeniable power makes it ideal for hunting legendary animals. So, here’s where to find it and how to purchase Red Dead Online Elephant Rifle.

To get this gun, you have to log in after you download the latest update. Then, visit a Gunsmith and buy it. It will cost you $580 in cash or 24 Gold Bars to purchase this weapon.

Elephant Gun Ammo


You can also buy ammunition from him and the Nitro Express ammo will be priced at $0.40 for 4 shells. Gus Macmillan will also have ammo, so get it from him if you need a lot. These purchases are not cheap so in case you want to get your hands on everything, make sure that you have got the moolah. Our guide on how to get Gold Fast will make things easy for you.

If you don’t want to visit a Gunsmith, there’s another way to get this deadly gun. Just press and hold J on your PC or hold left on the D-pad. This will open the catalogue where you can go to Weapons > Rifles to purchase the Red Dead Online Elephant Rifle.



There are even some upgrades that you can obtain which can take this gun to the next level. You can enhance the accuracy, range and more. So get those sweet upgrades if you want to use the Elephant Rifle.

Should you buy it?

Are you wondering if this weapon worth it? It is if your goal is to take down Legendary animals as well as enemies with armor and vehicles. But keep its issues (like the reload time) in mind because that makes the gun useless in other scenarios.


So, that’s everything you need to know about this crazily powerful weapon in Red Dead Online. Have you read about the Legendary Cougar locations in RDR2 Online? Get all the info you need in the linked guide.