Where To Find Rare Legendary Beaver Zizi In Red Dead Online

Zizi Beaver Is Rare And Hard To Find. Check out its spawn location and how to catch it

The Zizi Beaver is a legendary animal in Red Ded Online. Finding this rare animal can be a difficult task and is connected to the Naturalist role. We’ve got you covered if you want to know about the spawn locations and how to hunt the Zizi Beaver.

Where To Find Legendary Beaver Zizi In Red Dead Online

If you want to get the legendary Zizi Beaver in Red Dead Online, you must go to Lake Owanjila. Once there, you must run around in circles around this area until the beaver spawns. Luckily you do not need any particular weather conditions for the beaver to spawn.

You may, however, require to wait as the spawn of the Zizi beaver is uncertain, so keep running around the area in hopes of getting the beaver.

  1. If the beaver does not spawn, then you will need to get into another session of Red Dead Online in hopes that the beaver spawns soon. There is no sure way to know how to get the beaver and what to do for it to spawn.
  2. Once you find the legendary Zizi beaver, you will have three options. You can photograph it, put it to sleep, or kill it. Depending on your action, different things will be unlocked in Red Dead Online.
  3. If you photograph the beaver, you can complete the “Compendium” mission in RDRO. If you decide to put it to sleep, you can extract a sample for Harriet, and if you kill it you will get pelts that you can sell to Gus the trapper.

Each choice will bring up different options in Red Dead Online, but if you kill the legendary beaver, you will upset Harriet, and getting the samples and selling those by sedating the beaver will earn you a good amount of money in the game.

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This is all there is to know about how to find Legendary Beaver Zizi In Red Dead Online.