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RDR2 Online Legendary Cougar Location Guide – Where To Find Maza, Sapa, and Iguga?

Legendary cougar is a new animal added via RDR2 Online Update 1.20 and the cougar animals come in different types. This guide will help you to find them all in RDR2 Online.

Finding Legendary Cougar, animal added in RDR2 Online via 1.20 can be though. There are three types of RDR2 Legendary Cougars and you can hunt them down. They drop unique pelts that can be used to craft some unique new garment sets. This is where you can make your character look different in the game. I am going to help you in finding Legendary Cougars in RDR2 Online. It can be tricky but there is nothing to worry much, I will share some shortcuts to find these rare legendary animals in RDR2 Online.

How to find Legendary Cougar in RDR2 Online?


They are found in dry and clear season. The three types of cougar are Maza, Sapa, and Iguga. All three of them can be found in one common season, either dry or clear. I am going to separately share all RDR2 Online Legendary Cougar location below based on their type.

Where to find Legendary Maza Cougar?

  • Maza Cougar mostly spawns in the night time and found around the Sea of Coronado, west corner of New Austin.


Where to find Legendary Sapa Cougar?

  • Sapa Cougar will not spawn until you unlock Level 5 Naturalist rank. The cougar will spawn throughout the mission from Harriet. You have to follow the animal’s track to find its exact spawn location. Poachers will try to steal your hunt, so be ready for a fight.

Where to find Legendary Iguga Cougar?


  • Iguga Cougar spawns during the evening or late evening. All cougars prefer dark, so if you are roaming around in the night you will have higher chances of finding one. Iguga Cougar will be found in the Great Plains, look on the west side of Blackwater.

Tips to hunt the Legendary Cougar’s in RDR2 Online?

Legendary Cougar’s are aggressive animals in RDR2 Online. While following their track if they find you first you will be mauled to death. The best way to avoid getting bitten find a rock and climb on it. You will be safe for a while, use your weapons to hunt down the animals.


The second problem is poachers, they can be also on the same track to hunt down the animal. First of all, Cougars are rare legendary animals, they do not spawn regularly. So you cannot collect the pelts without fending off the poachers, and this also strengthens your relationship with Harriet.

Rewards for Hunting Legendary Cougars

You can craft Maza Coat by selling the pelt of a Legendary Cougar in RDR2 Online. Just find a Trapper and sell the pelt, the Maza Coat is a unique outfit in RDR2 Online.

The costume is made of a black coat with fur and the Cougar’s head is used as a hat. An amazing way to tell the world about the hunt. The same will cost $750, want more Legendary Outfits or hunting missions like finding a Legendary Beaver then click the link.