How to Level Up Naturalist Fast In Red Dead Online?

Leveling up Red Dead Online Naturalist can be a tedious task and it may require you to collect a lot of XP's. Here is a faster way.

In this guide, you can learn how to Level Up Naturalist in Red Dead Online. To become a recognized Red Naturalist in the game you will have to unlock its max level. Level up requires XP and you can earn the points via different activities. So here is what you have to do.

How to Level Up Naturalist Fast in Red Dead Online

You will have to become a Zoologist in Red Dead Online to rank up as Naturalist. As the Zoologist, you will have to classify different animals by tracking and sedating them. So here is the basic way to earn XP and become a recognized Naturalist in RDO.

  1. Track down the animal and sedate them. Collect the sample, each one value 65XP. Also, you can exchange the samples for exotic tonic.
  2. You can also hunt the animals and skin them. Skin can unlock rare clothing and other items.

But before you start any of these activities in Red Dead Online you will need some items. You will require a Varmint Rifle with .22 sedative rounds. This is the basic requirement to start your journey in tracking down the animals.

Tips and tricks to Level Up Naturalist

  1. To speed up the process of reviving animals you will have to purchase Reviver until you reach Rank 5. After Rank 5 at Rank 6, Reviver Crafting will be unlocked.
  2. You can earn 10 additional XP per animal after collecting their sample and reviving them. Legendary animals unlock 20 additional XP.
  3. Instead of devoting all your time to finding Legendary Animals focus on collecting more and more samples. Legendary Animals are super rare to find.

Legendary Animals can unlock up to 200XP but it is a highly time-consuming process. You cannot track down a Legendary Animal even after having the Legendary Map. So focus a lot on animals you find in your way. Instead of dreaming for 200XP you can collect samples from regular animals and fill up your rank meter.

You will also unlock 195XP on per poacher mission after reaching Naturalist Rank 5 in reading Dead Online. But these missions will not be available on the go. You have to wait for them and to complete the same visit to the assigned location and free the animals by killing the poachers.

Instead of waiting for poachers’ mission keep exploring and collect animal samples. Animals of a single category can unlock a lot of cash and XP in Red Dead Online. Legendary Animals unlocks between 300 to 400XP per-mission.

Just keep the calculation in your mind and focus on getting enough samples. If you are lucky you will get some Legendary Animal and Poacher missions in between that will save a ton of your time. One final thing buys Outlaw Pass if you have a lot of money and hate waiting.